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Choosing a Van Essential Checklist

 Published 13th February 2019
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Gateway2Lease have put together an essential checklist to help you choose your ideal van. Read on and let's help you choose your next van. It's a big decision. So here it goes.

First things first? What job does than van need to do? Of course you need to get from A to B, but hey there's a lot more to it than that. Think of the hours you spend in your van. Probably more than your home!

1. Size matters

The size and configuration of your van is a primary consideration. A small van simply won't cut it if you're shifting larger goods or kit all day. You'll simply end up doing more trips, wasting time and ramping up your mileage. So rule no1 is to work on the 80/20 rule. What do you need the van for within the 80% of the time? Use this as your guide to the size of your van.

2. Passengers

The double cabs have taken off like a rocket. These are the vans with larger cabins, which allow for an extra row of seats. Pick-ups, flatbeds, panels vans and box vans are all available with double cabs. So if you regularly take passengers or pick up a crew the double cab could be a great option for you. Work out how much space you need at the back vs having the extra passenger capacity, using the 80/20 rule – then you can decide if a double cab is for you.

3. Ergonomics

The engineers have a good handle on what you'll need your van for; so take advantage of all the latest features. For example what load are you carrying, where do you have to regularly park? Perhaps a side loading van might work best for you. Think through your day to day work activities and situations and make sure you choose a van that makes your life easier not harder. Parking, loading, offloading, space, height, load are critical day to day factors to consider. Match up with van functionality.

4. Brand

Are you a staunch Ford or Mercedes fan? If you've always had the same brand van then you may feel more comfortable staying with what you know. And that's absolutely fine. Whether you choose to hop over to another brand or stay loyal to your favourite brand you'll find makeovers and upgrades galore!

5. Nice to have

OK. So your van may not double as your family car, but so what. You can still enjoy all the mod cons. Music, sat nav, comfy seat, essential cup holders! and stash areas for your documents and bits and pieces. This, after all is your mobile office. So make sure you get what you like.

Enjoy choosing your next van!

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