Citroen Ami adds even more innovation

 Published 19th September 2022
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You may remember a while ago we told you about a cute new electric city car: the Citroen Ami. Well, it may be new but that hasn't stopped Citroen adding a few upgrades to give you even more reasons to lease one.

Ahead of Ami's UK launch, Citroën has revealed the latest version of its ground-breaking all-electric urban mobility solution, ‘My Ami Tonic'.

My Ami Tonic features new headlamp bezels, inspired by sunglasses, and comes with a new khaki and yellow colour scheme with bespoke wheel trims as well as decorative roof rails.

In keeping with the fun spirit of Ami 100% electric, My Ami Tonic features yellow accents, with the door pulls, bag hook and the two front panel recesses finished in vibrant yellow, contrasting with khaki accents on the dashboard storage bins and in the door net surround. It's even got some yellow directional arrows so your passengers can find the door handles and windows – although we're guessing that's more to do with it being a bit of fun rather than an issue with exceptionally easily confused passengers getting trapped in the car.

citroen ami tonic interior

My Ami Tonic interior is also equipped as standard with accessories to support day-to-day use such as a smartphone cradle, three storage bins, door nets, a central separation net, a bag hook, floor mats and the DAT@AMI dongle used to connect Ami with a smartphone via the My Citroën App.

Speaking of which, Citroën has also introduced the ‘My Ami Play' tool to improve smartphone connectivity.

Citroën Ami drivers can already connect their phone to Ami via the dongle, which allows you to access key vehicle information, such as charge level, via the app. Now, through ‘My Ami Play' and ‘Citroën Switch', you can access more features such as navigation or internet radio, and make calls via Bluetooth, with the smartphone doubling as an infotainment screen.

Ami is the first model in the Citroën range to feature ‘My Ami Play' and the ‘Citroën Switch', a simple solution to allow drivers access to apps and media on their smartphone safely and legally while driving.

Citroën Switch is a new steering wheel control unit that connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth. You can place the ‘Citroën Switch' wherever you choose on the steering wheel allowing you to access your phone safely while driving. The smartphone can then be placed in the holder on the dashboard allowing it to function as the Ami's infotainment screen.

We're not going to pretend that the Citroen Ami is anything more than a cute little city car, but if you spend all your time driving around a city you may as well have some fun doing it. Fancy it? Our lease deals on Ami are this way.

However, if you're looking for another option, head over to our Citroen page for more offers.

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