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Citroen C5 PHEV range gets an upgrade

 Published 24th November 2022
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If you've been thinking of leasing yourself a new Citroen C5 you've timed it perfectly. Citroen has just revealed an update to the Plug-in Hybrid (PHEV) versions of both the C5 X and C5 Aircross that should make them even more economically appealing.

These two cars are currently a big part of Citroen's strategy to electrify its range, with the latest changes giving the new C5 X and C5 Aircross more electric-only miles to play with.

Admittedly, the reason for the improvement isn't hugely interesting or entertaining, but Citroen probably doesn't really mind. While the science is undoubtedly fascinating it's the end result that counts, and the result is more range and lower emissions from both versions.

Between them, the C5 X and Aircross models can appeal to quite a large chunk of the car-driving public. The Plug-in Hybrid technology is a good compromise for those who aren't quite ready to switch to purely electric cars yet.

Add to that the choice of a practical and comfortable estate or a family-friendly SUV with a commanding driving position and loads of space in the back and you get the idea. They look good, are supremely comfortable in that uniquely Citroen way, they're well-equipped, and now they're also more economical.

C5 X - with added ‘waftability'

The new C5 X is the flagship for Citroen's Advanced Comfort Programme so expect to waft along in perfect serenity. Available in Sense Plus, Shine and Shine Plus trims, the new C5 X battery pack remains unchanged at 12.4kWh, but a tweak to update it to the latest emissions standards has improved the battery's minimum charge threshold. That tweak means the C5 X now offers up to 39 miles of electric-only range – easily enough for the average commute - and CO2 emissions as low as 27g/km.

The updated C5 Aircross changes are a little deeper but heading in the same direction. It gets a new-generation battery pack – which increases power from 13.2kWh to 14.2kWh – with the extra power having the same effect of increasing electric-only range and lowering emissions. The range has gone up to 41 miles and emissions are down to 29g/km. That's especially interesting if you're choosing a company car because the updates to the C5 Aircross have dropped it down a tax bracket from 12% to the 8% BIK band. The new C5 Aircross is also available in three trim levels, Sense Plus, Shine or C-Series Edition.

The updated C5 Aircross and C5 X PHEV models offer more electric miles and lower emissions without compromising on the ability to get away for longer journeys, or simply increasing everyday range by ensuring the best balance of electric and petrol power. Both can also be charged in under two hours using a relatively small 7.4kW charger so even if you do drain the battery and the engine has to take over it won't take you too long to top it back up again.

On that basis alone, it's hard to think of a reason why you shouldn't want to lease one.

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