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Citoren's flagship C5 X has arrived

 Published 9th August 2022
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Citroen has launched an all-new flagship model. And a lot of you are going to want to lease this car. The brand-new Citroen C5 X combines the appeal of an SUV, the elegance of an up-market saloon, and the versatility and practicality of an estate. And it's already launched so you can order yours whenever you're ready.

The brand-new C5 X is packed full of the technology Citroen is developing for the future, but at the same time it harks back to its classically luxurious cars of the past, such as the CX and the XM.

It's clearly a modern Citroen, with its new chevron badging, 3D LED daytime running lights, and aerodynamically designed – and almost 5m long - body oozing style. The C5 X also features 19-inch alloy wheels fitted with low rolling resistance tyres as standard to improve efficiency. You can choose from six metallic and pearlescent body colours, as well as having the option of a bi-tone roof.

Citroën C5 x

Just as in its classic cars, Citroen has placed the emphasis on comfort. The new C5 X boasts Citroen's Advanced Comfort Suspension with Progressive Hydraulic Cushions to give the car a smooth ‘Magic Carpet' ride. Hybrid models add an upgraded suspension system that also features automatic electronically controlled damping for an even smoother ride. Drivers can also choose between Comfort, Normal, and Sport modes with the suspension tailored for each setting. All C5 X models offer Citroen's Advanced Comfort Seats, and for the first time they can now be specified with ventilation, as well as heating and massage functions.

In terms of powertrains, efficiency seems to be paramount. You can choose from two efficient petrol engines or a plug-in hybrid version.

If you opt for a petrol variant you'll be looking at either the 1.2-litre PureTech 130 or the more powerful PureTech 180 with a 1.6-litre engine. The numbers refer to the horsepower and depending on which one you choose you'll either get around 48mpg or 43mpg.

To avoid the trade-off between power and economy you'll need the plug-in hybrid. This combines the 1.6-litre petrol engine with an 81kW electric motor for a total power output of 225hp and 360Nm of torque. You'll also be getting up to 37 miles in full electric mode so emissions are as low as 30g/km. In terms of running costs, whether it's a private lease or for business use, the plug-in hybrid is probably the one to go for.

All new C5 X models are available in three trim levels

Entry level Sense Plus versions come with automatic LED headlights, the fancy suspension and comfy seats we've already mentioned, plus a 10-inch central touchscreen with smartphone connections.

Step up to Shine which adds satin chrome trim on the rear bumper and touches of leather to the interior. The steering wheel is heated and the central touchscreen is upgraded to Citroën's enhanced infotainment system. The ultra-wide, 12-inch HD touchscreen controls all of the functions and contains the ‘My Citroën Drive Plus' system allowing you to personalise the settings. Shin' trim also adds a head-up display so you can keep your eyes on the road more of the time.

Citroën C5 x rear

Shine Plus is the range-topping trim and adds extra-tinted windows, upgraded leather on the heated seats, and lots of extra brushed aluminium trim. Safety upgrades also include a 360-Vision camera as well as Extended Blind Spot Monitoring.

If you're looking for a slice of luxury in a spacious and comfortable car it's hard to think of a reason not to consider the Citroen C5 X for your next lease.

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