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Electric Car Guide awards The Electric Car Scheme Best Salary Sacrifice Provider 2024

 Published 29th January 2024
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Congratulations to Gateway2Lease partner company The Electric Car Scheme which has been named the 'Best Salary Sacrifice Provider 2024' by EV guidance site Electric Car Guide. Electric Car Guide.

The Electric Car Scheme distinguished itself from 18 leading UK salary sacrifice providers, excelling in several key areas the Electric Car Guide reported.

The winning formula included offering the best prices in the market with a wide range of choices – covering every model from all brands.

Electric Car Guide cited the reason The Electric Car Scheme performed so well is thanks to its fair, affordable, and all-inclusive scheme for UK businesses. "Choosing The Electric Car Scheme was a logical decision for us, especially when we took a closer look at their new Complete Risk Protection package," says John Ellmore, Editor of Electric Car Guide. "This protection kicks in right from day one, so it's a game-changer. If a business loses an employee, whether due to redundancies or other reasons, they can do so without worrying about any fees.

"The Electric Car Scheme is competitively priced but also characterised by fair and transparent terms. We've seen a lot of schemes with complicated terms, conditions, and all sorts of exclusions that just leave businesses in a tough spot with unexpected bills or administrative nightmares.

"But The Electric Car Scheme does things differently, their terms are fair and their products are truly all-inclusive. That's something unique they're offering, and it really stood out as the kind of forward-thinking and comprehensive produce that UK businesses need."

The Electric Car Guide's evaluation criteria included:

  • assessing the range of the electric vehicle fleet,
  • cost-effectiveness,
  • inclusivity of the scheme,
  • flexibility of contracts,
  • reasonable mileage limits,
  • EV home charger offers or public charging benefits,
  • fair early termination protection policies,
  • and exceptional customer support.

The Electric Car Scheme emerged as the Best Salary Sacrifice Provider 2024, demonstrating excellence in the majority of these aspects said the Electric Car Guide.

"I am incredibly pleased that The Electric Car Scheme has been recognised as the number one choice in Electric Car Guide's 2024 review," commented Thom Groot, CEO of The Electric Car Scheme.

"This recognition reflects our team's hard work and dedication to providing high-quality service and innovative salary sacrifice solutions. Being acknowledged as the number 1 provider inspires us to continue setting the benchmark in the industry."

If your business would like to explore the benefits of a salary sacrifice scheme, then contact The Electric Car Scheme direct.

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