What will you be driving in 2020?

 Published 6th January 2020
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With 2020 in full swing, we thought it might be a good time to take a look at some of the new models due to hit the road this year. If you're lease is due for renewal at any time in the next 12 months here are just a few of the possible cars you could see sitting on your drive in 2020.

Whether you're looking for big or small, sporty or practical, electric or otherwise, there's a huge range of cars coming our way.

We've broken them down into size just to make it easier to narrow your search down but there are a lot more that don't make the list. If we listed them all you'd still be reading this in 2021, and just because we haven't mentioned it here doesn't mean we can't offer you a great lease deal whatever you decide to drive.

Fiat 500 Electric

Small Cars


Among the city cars and hatchbacks there's a lot to look out for. The new VW Golf Mk8 and Audi A3 are sure to prove popular, and keep an eye out for the Mercedes EQA and SEAT el-Born as both manufacturers aim to expand into the electric hatchback market. City cars are well represented with a new and improved Hyundai i10, an updated version of the Mitsubishi Mirage, and a brand new Toyota Yaris that will include a plug-in hybrid and more than one quick hot hatch version.

Despite all that it's the new Fiat 500 EV that stands out.

Fiat has confirmed that the next-generation of the Fiat 500 supermini will be an all-electric model with a focus on luxury. There are no plans for a conventional petrol version of the new Fiat 500, with Fiat aiming to move the range a bit more upmarket, partly because an electric version will inevitably carry a higher price tag. As the electric Fiat 500 will share the same compact proportions as the current car, but without an engine to take up room, it should offer increased space for luggage and better access.

Peugeot 3008 Hybrid4

Crossovers and Compact SUVs


As with the hatchbacks there's a lot going on in this particular segment of the market, mainly because it's proving to be one of the most popular types of car choice.

The Nissan Qashqai is credited with being the car that started the crossover trend and there's a brand new version due out in 2020. There's also quite a few premium models coming soon with the new, and largely unexpected, Alfa Romeo Tonale joining an updated Mercedes GLA, an updated Audi Q5, and a convertible version of the VW T-Roc. If you fancy heading down the electric route there is also the forthcoming Audi Q4 e-tron, BMW iX3, and the Tesla Model Y.
Amidst all the crossover offerings the car that looks likely to prove most popular is the new Peugeot 3008 Hybrid4. One of the best all-round family SUVs is getting a plug-in hybrid version in 2020 that will use a 1.6-litre petrol engine and an electric motor to give it a total output of 296bhp and acceleration that will embarrass some hot hatchbacks. An electric range of 36 miles is promised, with an official economy figure of 217mpg. Peugeot claims that the 3008 PHEV can be fully charged from a 7.4kW wall charger in 1 hour and 45 minutes, and that the practicality of the 3008 has not been compromised by the hybrid set-up, with interior and boot space remaining the same as the conventional petrol and diesel models.

Mercedes EQS

Large SUVs, Saloons and Estates


Another busy sector in the next 12 months or so. At the top end there's the new Rolls Royce Ghost, while Porsche has been busy face-lifting the Panamera and developing an estate version of the brand new all-electric Taycan - the Cross Turismo.

There's also a series of new models from Jaguar including updated versions of the F-Pace SUV and XF saloon, plus an electric version of the flagship XJ. If you fancy a bit of off-roading there's the new Land Rover Defender to watch out for, and if you prefer to have fun on tarmac there's a new 474bhp BMW M3 to look forward to as well.

In terms of new technology nothing really comes close to the new Mercedes S-Class though. Pretty much every standard feature you can find in your car was first fitted to an S-Class. This time it's Level 3 semi-autonomous driving making its début, while the current twin-screen dashboard is set to be replaced by one huge touchscreen. A plug-in hybrid version is also in the pipeline, but there'll be no fully electric model as that car will badged as the EQS.

Despite the Mercedes EQS being a similar size to the S-Class, albeit with a totally different styling, the two cars will eventually sit side-by-side in the showroom. Up to 435 miles is promised on a single charge from the 100kWh battery, which also allows 469bhp and an impressive 0-62mph acceleration time.

Ford Mustang Mach E

Coupes, Convertibles and Sports SUVs


Usually the first port of call for anyone looking for a little performance from the their car. This is where you will find both the new BMW 2 Series Grand Coupe and the new 4 Series. If you really want some power there's also the latest Jaguar F-Type and a hybrid version of the Ford Mustang that uses the smaller 2.3-litre engine and electric motor to give you the performance of the V8 without the colossal fuel bills. In the SUV section you'll find a 340bhp Hyundai Tucson N and a couple of hugely impressive Audi offerings, the new RS Q3 and RS Q5.

Standing out on the basis of it being a match you would never even consider possible, is the brand new Ford Mustang Mach E.

The concept of combining electricity and a Mustang might seem odd but Ford claims it will offer around 300 miles of range to compete with a Tesla Model X, but will still offer Mustang-like performance. There are two battery sizes - 75kWh and 99kWh - with the former producing 254bhp and the latter offering a further choice of 281 or 332bhp. Depending on the model, you can expect between 260 miles and 370 miles of range between full charges. Ford says that 0-62mph takes ‘less than eight seconds' in the entry-level model, and ‘less than seven seconds' in the AWD and First Edition models. GT versions, due in 2021, will complete the sprint in under five seconds.

Ferrari Roma

Hotter than hot


This is the section where dreams reside and very few of us ever get to live them. Ok it includes things like the new 302bhp MINI John Cooper Works GP and the Hyundai i20N that's aiming to challenge the brilliant Fiesta ST, but that's where reality ends for most of us. Have you got a spare £1.7 million for the new 2,000bhp (no, that isn't a typo), all-electric Lotus Evija? What about the Mercedes-AMG One? A bargain at £2.4 million. There's also a 500bhp TVR Griffith that may or may not actually go into production, a new Porsche 911 GT3, and the much anticipated 250mph Tesla Roadster.

It all looks highly desirable but there's really only one winner in this category, and at £190k it's a relative snip compared to some of the above.

The Ferrari Roma is a striking new coupe that features a completely new interior design to match the ultra-modern exterior. A 612bhp 3.9-litre V8 provides the power, with 0-62mph taking just 3.4 seconds. With an incredibly long bonnet, short tail and curvy lines, it's a modern take on the classic Ferraris of the 1950s and ‘60s such as the glorious 250 GTO. It may be a departure from recent design for Ferrari but there's no denying the result is absolutely stunning.

Ferrari Roma

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