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Five reasons to lease a new Range Rover Evoque

 Published 6th August 2019
Vehicle Reviews 

When the Range Rover Evoque first arrived eight years ago it was a fundamental change for Range Rover. Whether or not Victoria Beckham had anything to do with the design is largely irrelevant, the mere mention of her name was enough to reveal that this wasn't a Range Rover aimed at the Queen.

If the traditional Range Rover was aimed at old money, the Evoque was clearly the Range Rover for the fashionably glamorous.

The Range Rover Evoque has swiftly become something of a design icon so it's no surprise that the new second generation has remained sympathetic to the original.

If it ain't broke, and all that.

There are a few design tweaks inspired by the larger Velar but overall it's still instantly recognisable as an Evoque.

There's also no doubt that in terms of off-road capability the Range Rover is superior to its main compact SUV rivals, the Audi Q3, BMW X1, and Volvo XC40. But let's face it, the only off-roading these cars are ever likely to indulge in is dragging themselves out of a muddy festival car park. It's not an official statistic admittedly but we all now 99.9% of them will never go off-road. In which case the Evoque has to be better than the others on the road.

In five crucial ways, it is. So here are five very good reasons why you would want to lease a new Ranger Rover Evoque

Reason number 1 to lease an Evoque: Silence

Unless you are really hammering the throttle the new Evoque is exceptionally quiet. The engineers have taken a lot of time to make sure nothing disturbs your driving experience. The engine is quieter, wind noise is reduced, and the result is a sense of serenity as you waft effortlessly along. That's not to say the competition will make your ears bleed, but the difference is there and it's noticeable.

Reason number 2 to lease an Evoque: Practicality

It may not be the main reason for the Evoque's existence but that doesn't mean it can't show the others how it's done. The Evoque is 5cm shorter than the Volvo XC40 but it still manages to squeeze in a bigger boot and the same amount of interior space. That's because its wheels are positioned in the far corners of the car, which not only makes it a better off-roader it also frees up the interior. The Evoque is unmistakably a Range Rover in terms of the amount of interior space available.

Reason number 3 to lease an Evoque: Comfort

It may be a baby but it's still a Range Rover, what did you expect? The driving position is fantastic, the ergonomic seats are supportive, and we may have already mentioned it's very quiet. Add to that the magnificently tuned suspension - firm enough to keep you level in the corners yet soft enough to easily absorb the bumps - and you get a vehicle that oozes comfort. Exactly as a Range Rover should.

Reason number 4 to lease an Evoque: Sophistication

The attention to detail on this Evoque is remarkable. The materials and the fully digital control panels exude a sense of quality and sophistication we've come to expect from Range Rover. It's a blend of traditional British craftsmanship with a contemporary presentation. The technology is equally sophisticated with camera systems that create a “see through” bonnet helping you avoid obstacles, and a rear-facing camera that beams an image to the rear-view mirror to give you an unrestricted view of the road behind regardless of how many heads might be obstructing the back window.

Reason number 5 to lease an Evoque: Electricity

The new Range Rover Evoque features a 48v Mild Hybrid system. It doesn't matter whether you choose a diesel or a petrol you will get the benefit of the hybrid system which comes with a 48-volt battery and a belt-integrated starter generator.

This isn't a proper hybrid - although a plug-in hybrid version of the Evoque is due next year - so its gains are marginal, but welcome nevertheless. For example, it allows the engine to shut down and restart more efficiently than with a standard stop start system, as well as offering an extra little kick when accelerating. The fuel savings can be counted as a few little sips from a full tank, the real benefit is the reduction in CO2 and hence taxation.

Talking of taxation, the diesel engine is perfect for business leasing since the engine is RDE2 compliant - don't worry about what it means but what it means to you: no 4% diesel surcharge on company car tax. Even more reasons to lease a Range Rover Evoque then!

There's also a sixth reason why you should choose the Range Rover Evoque over one of its rivals.

We have some fantastic offers available on the Evoque so we can not only get you behind the wheel of a class-leading compact SUV, we can also save you money at the same time.

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