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Ford boosts connectivity for Transit range

 Published 18th August 2023
New Launches 

Ford Pro has announced a raft of digital upgrades to its Transit and E-Transit models, aimed at offering improved productivity for customers.

New equipment levels include 5G connectivity, Ford Power-Up wireless upgrades, a 12-inch screen fitted as standard, and new Delivery Assist and Upfit Integration System to the Ford Pro software package.

Introduction of new eight-speed automatic transmission

Ford has also revealed a set of hardware changes, including an uprated front axle, new eight-speed automatic transmission, and lighter chassis for improved load capacity, handling, and economy.

The new software will help simplify aftermarket conversions using the Upfit Integration, and Delivery Assist will automate repetitive security tasks for delivery drivers, saving around 20 seconds per delivery - a significant time saving for drivers that can make up to 150 drops per day.

When shifting into Park, the engine stops, activates the hazard lights and alarm, and locks any door the driver doesn't use to access the cabin or parcels. Pressing the brake then restarts the engine and switches off the hazards.

The Upfit Integration System allows drivers to control aftermarket fitted equipment using digital buttons on the standard touchscreen system. It also sees systems link into Ford Pro software for remote monitoring and control.


That 12-inch standard screen includes real-time traffic navigation, and the 5G modem allows for super fast connectivity, including for over-the-air updates.

A new set of driver assistance and safety systems become standard as part of the updates, including pre-collision assist with autonomous emergency braking, lane keep alert and assist, and intelligent speed assist.

The eight-speed transmission is fitted to front-wheel drive models, and not only improves performance and efficiency, but also increases GVM to 4,250kg and GTM to 6,000kg - an increase of 700kg and 1,750kg respectively.

A new heavy duty Gross Axle Weight Rating pack is now offered too, taking maximum weight for the front axle to 2,000kg, from 1,850kg, improving conversion potential. Ford expects it to be picked by the likes of horse box users or low loaders.

Leasing order for the latest Ford Transit are open now, and production will start later this year, with deliveries of the upgraded Transit range expected from summer 2024.

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