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Ford unveils fully electric Transit

 Published 30th November 2020
Electric Vehicles 

The ability for businesses to use electric vans took a big step forward with the announcement by the market leader, Ford, that the company will be producing an all-electric Transit.

The Ford e-Transit will join the plug-in hybrid Transit Custom PHEV to provide a broad range of electrified options for Ford's ‘Backbone of Britain' panel vans. Ford says the E-Transit will be available in 25 possible variants, with a wide choice of body, length, roof height and Gross Vehicle Mass options.

Payloads are up to 1,616kg for the panel van and up to 1,967kg for chassis cab versions, while total cargo space maxes out at 15.1 cubic metres.

The new Ford E-Transit is powered by an electric motor pushing out 198kW and a substantial 430Nm of torque, thanks to a 67kWh battery.

ford e-transit van

The all-important range is said by Ford to be 217 miles, with a full charge taking around 9.5 hours on a 7kWh charger if you charge up overnight. However, fast-charging is available, enabling the E-Transit to be topped up to 80% capacity in just 30 minutes.

Ford says the E-Transit is fully suited for delivery duties within urban environments, particularly within geofenced zero-emission driving zones. Taking into account the van's range, it will be ideal for zero emission fixed route deliveries, while also lowering operating costs, says Ford.

The new E-Transit will be available from spring 2022, so some time yet to plan how your business can become electrified. In the meantime, we have a range of low emission Transit Custom mild hybrid diesel and PHEV models available to lease that can bridge the gap until you can go fully electrific.

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