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Fuel efficiency and lease cars

 Published 20th January 2017
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Fuel efficiency is often uppermost in our minds when considering a new vehicle. Fuel emissions are another aspect of vehicle choice that bothers many. Of course both of these things are important when you are deciding to lease. For some even considering taking on a lease, whether a car or van, is a real change in thought processes. So in 2017, let's start as we mean to go on and investigate fuel efficiency, being more environmentally friendly and also car and van leasing.

Upgrade without massive expense when you take on a lease

Taking a vehicle on lease has become incredibly popular in recent years and is a brilliant way to upgrade your make and model without the hassle or massive expense. Leasing has many benefits. After all the later models often have better economy features and also fuel efficiency.

So what do we understand by fuel efficiency exactly?

Well, it's the relationship between how far a vehicle travels and how much fuel it uses in that time. Manufacturers often say it's the volume of fuel used to travel a certain distance or the distance covered per unit volume of fuel consumed.

Fuel is our cost barometer

It's something that concerns everyone. Fuel consumption affects air pollution and also the volume of fuel imports can be significant. Although motoring costs are cheaper in some instance the fluctuations in petrol price make us all acutely aware how much it costs to drive a car or van.

So what affects the fuel efficiency in your vehicle?

Obviously the age and make of the vehicle, the engine size and how you drive all have an impact on fuel efficiency. Are you always heavy on the accelerator and the brake? You are actually wasting a considerable amount of energy over time.

Spoiled for choice

So a great place to start when you are thinking about a lease car with low emissions is to check out some of these manufacturers that take low emissions seriously. Renault is the first, the Twingo is a good bet, so is the Fiat 500, everyone's favourite city car it seems. Ford's Fiesta ECOnetic is worth taking a look at. But then again BMWi3, Suzuki and SMART will all give you some of what you are looking for.

If you're driving a pre-2005 car then there's a chance that your green credentials will have been somewhat dented. You now need to think about driving with a clear conscience. When you consider dementia can be accelerated for people living near to busy roads then we all have collective responsibility. Read The Telegraphs recent article about dementia and busy roads here: Living near a busy road may raise risk of dementia, major study into pollution finds.

If you think you will be stuck for choice there are actually a whole heap of choices and hybrid is a great one in 2017. There are so many benefits to driving one and maximizing fuel efficiency is just one of them. Toyota has some great benefits and it's worth checking out.

If your new year's resolution is to be greener and also change your car then looking at car leasing schemes will bring you a double whammy. You can ditch your own polluting model and drive something more high tech, more environmentally friendly and it may well save you money in all kinds of way. Check it out. What's stopping you?

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