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Make charging your vehicle look EZi

 Published 24th April 2023
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Gateway2Lease is pleased to announce that they have partnered with EZi EV, a company that specialises in offering smart electric vehicle charging solutions for both homes and workplaces. EZi EV's charging solutions come with a range of features and benefits designed to make the transition to leasing an electric or plug-in hybrid vehicle easier and more affordable.

For those who are concerned about the upfront cost of installing an EV charge point at their home or place of work, EZi EV allows customers the choice to either spread the cost of a brand-new Project EV smart 7.5kW fast AC charger over a 60-month period or to purchase it outright.

The package includes a fully installed home EV charger, a Smart Electric Miles Charging App, a 5-year warranty cover, and dedicated customer support. There are no upfront costs, and installation dates can be flexible to work around the customer's schedule.

EZi EV's charger is compatible with all major electric vehicle brands, including Tesla, Ford, Audi, Kia, Fiat, and more. The charger's full smart app control allows users to manage and monitor their charging remotely, anytime, anywhere.

So how does it work? By answering a few simple questions, EZi EV will suggest the right EV charger package for each individual customer. This makes it easy for customers to find the solution that best fits their needs and budget.

By providing affordable and convenient charging solutions for homes and workplaces, EZi EV is helping to build the infrastructure needed to support the growth of electric vehicles in the UK. And by partnering with EZi EV, Gateway2Lease is making it easier for its lease customers to take advantage of these solutions and make the switch to electric vehicles with confidence.

To find out more about the EZi EV charge point offer, simply visit our partner webpage by clicking on the button below.

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