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Brand new Genesis GV60 electric SUV revealed

 Published 22nd August 2021
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You may not have heard of Genesis until quite recently, but don't let that put you off. It's the luxury arm of Hyundai, and despite only recently arriving in Europe the brand has been growing around the world since 2015. It has already announced the first models coming to the UK, and that list just got longer after officially revealing exterior and interior images of the GV60, the brand's first electric vehicle based on a dedicated EV platform.

Just to clear up the idea behind the naming of these cars. The G stands for Genesis (as in the already revealed G70 and G80), and the V stands for Versatile (like the range topping GV80 SUV, mid-size GV70, and this new GV60). The numbers range from low to high, with sportier models having a lower number while luxury and elegance sits higher up the scale.

Now that's cleared up, let's have a look at this brand new electric GV60.

The GV60 is based on its dedicated EV platform known as E-GMP (Electric-Global Modular Platform), marking the brand's move towards electrification. Technical details are yet to be revealed but given this is the luxury side of Hyundai you should expect it to at least match the performance of the top end of its current EV line-up.

The GV60's exterior design highlights its high-performance image.

The front of the GV60 features a design optimised exclusively for the electric vehicle. The Two-Line Quad Lamps add character to a clean and refined face. A wider and more athletic Crest Grille has been placed below the Quad Lamps to emphasise the dynamic performance of the GV60 and also to increase the cooling efficiency of the high-voltage batteries in the underbody. In addition, Genesis has opted for a ‘Clamshell Hood' to create a sleek look for the EV model by removing lines between the parts.

When viewed from the side, the GV60 reveals the dynamic profile of a high-performance coupe, with a simple silhouette running from the front bonnet to the rear spoiler completes a more progressive character. There's even a chrome line flowing from the windscreen and across the tops of the doors that features a little design flourish that hints at the electricity that ultimately makes the car work. Digital side mirrors add to the cutting-edge appearance and are connected to the camera and monitor system, and the door handles automatically pop up when you approach the car.

At the rear, the twin light arrangement is repeated for a clean and fresh look. The rear also features a fixed rear wing spoiler to accent the coupe-shaped roof, adding to the image of dynamic high-performance.

genesis gv60 rear

A clean look interior

The interior design of the GV60 takes on Genesis' design ethos of the ‘Beauty of White Space'. We think that's something to do with a sense of light and space and not filling interiors with buttons and dials. At first glance it definitely looks like it's worked. It's a clean and modern interior with some nice touches of luxury. The most noticeable feature in the GV60's interior design is the Crystal Sphere gear selector. And you can enjoy it without the risk of getting locked in on your way through the maze.

The floating console, where the Crystal Sphere is located, looks as if it is hovering in the air to provide passengers with a maximum feeling of space. When the vehicle is turned off, the Crystal Sphere becomes the car's mood lights. When you're ready to drive, the sphere rotates and away you go. To go with the high-tech atmosphere there's also a wide-screen Integrated Cockpit that connects with the instrument cluster and infotainment unit.

Unfortunately, we can't tell you much more than that because a lot of the details are still in the hands of Hyundai. What we can say is that if you're thinking of leasing an EV it may be worth hanging on for a few months just to make sure you won't kick yourself for not waiting for the Genesis GV60.

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