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Zap-Map adds Gridserve to make finding an EV charger easier

 Published 22nd October 2021
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You may recall we've mentioned Zap-Map previously. Granted, if you're not driving an EV you may have had less reason to pay attention, so we'll remind you.

Zap-Map is the UK's leading mapping service for electric vehicles. It's teamed up with a number of different providers to produce a map that pinpoints EV chargers and allows you to plan your journeys accordingly. The clever part of the system is that the app also displays live information for each of those chargers. A quick check on the app and you'll know exactly which type of charger is available at the next services, and even whether or not they are in use at the moment.

Zap-Map has also recently released a new version of the app that provides key updates to the existing free features, especially enhancements to route planning and filtering. As part of this upgrade, Zap-Map also introduced Zap-Map Plus and Zap-Map Premium, providing additional new features for drivers. If you've just leased yourself an EV, or you're thinking of getting one this is an app you really should download.

But an updated app isn't the reason we're talking about the EV charger mapping resource. The real reason is because Gridserve has just joined the list of companies integrating its Electric Highway charging network into the live data app.

Gridserve develops, builds, owns, and operates clean energy solutions for critical power infrastructure. In June this year it completed the purchase of the Electric Highway, the world's first national EV charging network, from Ecotricity in June this year. They're the chargers you've probably seen most often on your motorway travels around the country.

Massive investment has seen an upgrade to this charging network in the last four months. Old chargers have already been replaced at over 85 locations across the UK, with the latest chargers featuring contactless payment, and some sites offering chargers capable of the fastest possible charging speeds of up to 350kW.  When completed, every single site will be fitted with more, and more up to date charging points.

Gridserve is also installing the latest high-power charging technology, with plans for more than 50 high power Electric Forecourts providing between six and 12 350kW chargers in each location across the motorway network. As these chargers are upgraded and new sites come online, the Zap-Map data will be updated to reflect the change.

This will make planning charge stops easier, offer a reliable network of fast chargers, and go a long way to removing the lingering fear of range anxiety , wherever you happen to live in the UK, and whatever type of electric vehicle you drive.

The UK may not be ready to make the transition to an electric transport network just yet, but these collaborations are the first step in building a charging network that's as convenient and reliable as pulling into a petrol station.

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