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Can I Have a Dog in a Lease Car? Your Guide to Leasing a Car with Pets

 Published 30th December 2023
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There are approximately 12 million dogs in the UK, and they’re some of our closest companions. With many people moving away from buying cars outright towards more flexible options, does the leasing element affect whether you can continue to take your dog out and about with you?

We’re here to give you some answers, as well as some tips on leasing a car to suit you and your dog.

Can Dogs Go in Personal Lease Cars?

There are few people with dogs who don’t enjoy taking their four-legged friends with them on days out in the car. But can you have a dog in a lease car?

The short answer is yes, with some precautions. Obviously, when you lease a car, it’s effectively yours to use as you need, including to ferry your dog around with you. However, since you don't own the car, it's essential to maintain the interior, ensuring it stays as fresh as possible. Other than that, your dog is as free to enjoy your lease car as you are.

Precautions When Car Leasing with Pets

In order to make sure that your canine friend doesn’t cause you any headaches with your lease car, there are a few easy precautions you can take to dog-proof it.

Thankfully, for exactly this situation, there’s a world of car protectors that you can purchase, many at a small expense, to protect your motor. Items easily found online such as seat covers can protect your seats if your dog will be riding in the back with a harness. They will also catch any loose dirt and hair so that it can be easily removed from the car.

You can also buy boot protectors if your dog is more at home in the boot of your car, as well as grates to stop them climbing over the back seats.

If your dog is comfortable with crates, you could also consider keeping them in a crate for the duration of your journeys, as this will keep all canine-related messes in one easy-to-clean place.

Your best solution when car leasing with pets will depend on what your dog is most comfortable with, and how they travel with you.

It may also be worth investing in some interior cleaning products in case you do get any unwanted messes that your protectors can’t catch.

Car Leasing with Pets – The Ideal Car

Ideally, if you’re planning to lease a car with your dog in mind, you might want to look at the larger-sized car end of the scale. With a larger vehicle, you, your other family members and your dog, will all have more room and a greater sense of comfort, especially on long journeys with luggage onboard too.

At Gateway 2 Lease, we stock a range of 7-seaters, SUVs, and estate cars that all boast more boot space, greater legroom and are often even geared towards dog owners.

7-seaters such as the Nissan X-Trail, available in four-wheel-drive with a fuel-efficient hybrid powertrain, offer plenty of carrying space for all the family, canine and otherwise, plus luggage and can get you anywhere you need to go in comfort.

SUVs (Sport Utility Vehicles), like the BMW iX1 offer similar functionality, with an elevated seating position, a roster of advanced driver and passenger comfort features like heated seats and four-wheel-drive. Models like the iX1 are even electric, meaning you can plug in and charge up from the comfort of your own home, so, no more Sunday rushes to the petrol station or paying for oil changes.

For those who prefer a lower profile with similar carrying space, an estate car might be the way to go. For example, the Cupra Leon Estate, available with a mild hybrid drivetrain making 150hp, or even a 2L turbo-charged petrol engine making 310hp, this speedy family wagon offers the best of both worlds.

Leasing a Car with Pets? Talk to Gateway2Lease

If you’re looking for the ideal car for you and your four-legged friend, let us know and we can help you find the right car for you at the best price. We have a huge range of offers available online to with cars, vans and trucks to suit every need.

To discuss your needs and find the best deal for you, fill out our online enquiry form or call us now on 01299 407 360.

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