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Say hello to the GWM Ora Funky Cat

 Published 29th June 2022
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If your lease is up for renewal this year here's a safe bet. We bet you've never even heard of GWM Ora let alone considered leasing a Funky Cat. No, we haven't misplaced our marbles, the Ora Funky Cat is a real car and it will be on sale in the UK later this year.

We should probably explain what we're talking about.

GWM Ora is an electric car brand that's already hugely popular in Asia. It's owned by Great Wall Motor, one of China's biggest automotive companies, which sold more than 1.2 million vehicles in 2021 alone. Now the brand is launching in Europe and is looking to deliver a new look and premium technology to the EV market.

Ora UK has already announced pricing and specification details for its Funky Cat model, which will enter the UK market later this year as a ‘First Edition' series.

There are apparently over 6,000 registrations of interest for the Funky Cat so far, with first deliveries expected to take place shortly in the autumn. In the lead up to launch, Ora UK is working to establish a nationwide network of retailers that will sit alongside the ‘Ora Online' sales platform, which is planned to launch in August.

ora funky cat rear

So, what exactly is a Funky Cat, and what do you get from an EV with a perfectly reasonable £30k price tag?

Essentially, it's a small electric hatchback city car. There's space for people, and you can fold down the back seats to make more room for stuff. It's got an impressive equipment list, zero emissions, and most importantly, it's kind of cute and cool and will fit right into any European city.

The Ora Funky Cat First Edition will be available with a 48kWh battery

This means the Ora Funky Cat will have range of just over 190 miles. In addition, the vehicle features comprehensive charging capabilities which means, based on 15% - 80% charge status, a 7W home charger takes around 5 – 6 hours, around 3 – 4 hours using an 11kW charger, or around 40 minutes connected to a rapid charger. That's more than enough to keep it topped up at home but still offer the flexibility of rapid charging on longer journeys.

The Funky Cat will come equipped with a very high standard specification, including Adaptive Cruise Control, 360 Degree Cameras, Reversing Camera, LED Headlights and 18” Alloy Wheels. You will also get Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, as well as wireless phone charging and electric front seats.

The Funky Cat First Edition will be available in a choice of four colour variations for simpler choice. As standard, it comes in Nebula green with a black interior, or you can opt for a Starry black paint. Additionally, Mars red (red & grey interior) and Aurora green (green & grey interior) variations will be available at launch and feature a black or white contrasting roof.

So, if you are thinking of leasing a new car this year the GWM Ora Funky Cat might be an option worth considering. Especially now you know it exists.


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