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Honda announces brand-new Hybrid Civic

 Published 21st April 2022
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It seems Honda has been so busy recently that we're not entirely sure where to start. There are three brand-new electrified models coming in 2023, a load of research into solid state batteries and hydrogen fuel cells, a vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) aircraft for city-to-city transport, an AI operated robot, and fuel-cells to provide life support to future lunar bases.

Oh, and the new Honda Civic will be a hybrid.

But given the fact you're reading this because you're thinking of leasing a new car, there's probably not much point in discussing robots, planes, or whatever happened to Moonbase Alpha.

In terms of new EVs, Honda confirmed the expansion of its line-up in 2023. New additions include an all-electric SUV, previewed as the e:Ny1 Prototype, a family-sized hybrid SUV, and the all-new CR-V, which will be available with both hybrid and plug-in hybrid powertrain options.

Due sometime in 2023, the e:Ny1 will be at the centre of Honda's future product line up, with the compact SUV aimed at providing a great option for families looking for their first EV.

A core part of this electrification strategy is to increase the proportion of EV and fuel cell vehicles Honda sells compared to its internal combustion models. The aim is to achieve 40% by 2030, and to increase that to 80% by 2035. The end goal is for Honda to end the sale of all internal combustion engine automobiles globally by 2040.

But first there is the small matter of the all-new Honda Civic e:HEV due out later this year.

The 11th-generation Civic completes the brand's commitment to electrify its entire mainstream European automobile range by the end of 2022.

The new Civic is the latest car to be offered exclusively with hybrid electric technology, joining the brand's other electrified models: Jazz, Jazz Crosstar, CR-V, HR-V and Honda e. The latest Civic won't actually be available until the autumn, so it will be a little while yet before Honda starts to release all the final details and we can see what you're getting from this new model.

We do know that the brand-new hybrid Civic boasts the most advanced version of Honda's e:HEV powertrain, which combines a power-dense lithium-ion battery, two compact, powerful electric motors, and a newly developed 2.0-litre direct injection DOHC i-VTEC petrol engine.

The Civic has been targeted to achieve the lowest possible CO2 emissions with a maximum motor output of 135 kW and 315Nm of torque, which means it should be economical to run as well as making the most of that boost of electrical power. On top of that you'll obviously get Honda's build quality, reliability, as well as plenty of specification on the inside.

The new Honda Civic e:HEV is likely to be one of the most popular choices in its class when it arrives in the autumn. It's probably a little early to express your interest right now, but if your lease is due for renewal later this year it might be an idea to watch this space…

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