Honda builds on its electric range

Honda’s second pure-electric vehicle in the UK will be the e:Ny1 - a crossover that offers almost 250 miles of range and is set to become an important model for the Japanese car maker.

Aimed specifically at younger families, the e:Ny1 gets a 68.8kWh battery and 150kW electric motor, all packed into Honda’s new electric-specific e:N Architecture F. This new platform will be used for future front-wheel drive EVs, expected to be used in the likes of the next generation Civic.

Recharging is available at up to 78kW, which gives a 10-80% rapid top-up in 45 minutes - not especially fast by current standards, but capable of adding more than 60 miles in around 10 minutes.

The design draws much from the current HR-V, but is sleeker with improved aerodynamics thanks to the electric powertrain requiring no large front grille.

Coming three years after the compact Honda e launched in the UK, the e:Ny1 is a more mainstream proposition than the city car, though some of the features - like the full-width screen - will be lost in the shift to “normality”.


Next-gen CR-V and ZR-V

The e:Ny1 was announced at the same time as the next-generation CR-V and a new model, the ZR-V. The CR-V will continue to be available as a conventional hybrid, but the SUV will see the first application of Honda’s plug-in hybrid technology in Europe as another option.

This will use a 2.0 litre petrol engine partnered with an electric powertrain capable of covering more than 50 miles on electric power alone. It can be recharged in two and a half hours, helping maximise the amount of time spent in electric mode, improving efficiency.

The ZR-V is a new model, sitting between the HR-V and CR-V in Honda’s SUV line-up. This will take on the likes of Nissan’s Qashqai, and is fitted with Honda’s e:HEV hybrid technology.

Honda’s new models were announced at the same time as the expansion of its e:Progress energy management service, which looks at renewable energy, hydrogen power, and energy storage to maximise green technology.

Honda’s first two-wheeled electric model, the EM1e - a small moped - was also unveiled, as Honda works towards its sustainability targets.

The e:Ny1 will be available for order in late summer, with first deliveries arriving before the end of the year. Both the ZR-V and CR-V are expected this autumn, with pricing, specifications and leasing rentals revealed closer to the models arriving in the UK.

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