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Kia Sportage celebrates 30 years

 Published 22nd December 2023
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When you lease a car it’s always nice to know that you’ve chosen something with an established reputation:  30 years, five generations, and more than 7 million sold around the world definitely translates to “established”.

The Kia Sportage may have undergone a lot of changes in that time but there’s a reason why the model is the brand’s best-selling car globally and the fourth most popular car in the UK.

Although technically the Kia Sportage has only been on sale in the UK for 28 years (it didn’t arrive on these shores until 1995) we won’t let that get in the way of a well-deserved birthday celebration.

Since it first launched in 1993, the Kia Sportage has transformed itself from a utilitarian, rugged SUV into a luxurious and comfortable family car. The Sportage originally attracted attention when it became the first car to ever complete both the Paris-Dakar rally in 1993 and the Baja 1000 in 1995. It still offers the same rugged ability to carry impressive amounts of stuff as well as five people, but it now does it with a bit more style and refinement. Although we’ve got no doubt it could still tackle a desert or two if you felt that way inclined.

The SUV market has grown dramatically over the past 30 years, to the point that the elevated driving position and ample space for all the family is now the first choice for a lot of people. As the SUV market has developed the Kia Sportage has evolved along with it. Thanks to its modern design and constant refinement – not to mention the brilliant value for money - it’s now one of the most recognisable SUVs on the road today.

Kia has seen the Sportage grow in desirability, with each new generation building on the popularity of its predecessor. The first generation was available in the UK for eight years before being replaced in 2003. In that time, Kia managed to shift what now looks like a miserly 10,897 of them. Since then, those figures have risen exponentially to the point that the previous generation (2016-2022) sold just shy of 200,000. The current generation has only been around since January 2022 and it’s already broken the 50,000 mark. That’s the sign of a very good car.

Over the last three decades, the Sportage SUV has seen four generations come and go, and is now represented by the fifth generation.

This latest version is the most stylish, modern, technologically advanced, and eco-conscious of the popular family favourite.

It's not just a family favourite either. If you’re leasing for business use the Sportage has a lot to offer in that department too.

Over its lifetime, the Sportage has proven to be an incredibly popular vehicle with fleets and businesses, thanks to its affordability, low benefit-in-kind (BiK) rates and focus on economy and practicality. The Sportage is frequently named as the number one compact SUV choice for business users, topping sales charts and winning numerous fleet awards. The current generation saw the introduction of a plug-in hybrid model that delivers a 43-mile electric range, ensuring it qualifies for just eight per cent BiK so it’s an ideal choice for company car drivers too.

Available with a choice of hybrid, plug-in hybrid or petrol mild hybrid powertrains, and a comprehensive array of trim levels, the Kia Sportage offers more choice than most other rivals. It has accumulated a stocked cabinet of awards over its 30-year lifespan to prove just how impressive, and well loved, it has grown to be. In terms of leasing, you really can’t go wrong with a Sportage.

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