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What Do You Know About Hybrid Cars?

 Published 6th February 2017
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Hybrid cars. They still have an experimental feel to most people. But now it's time to think again. There's nothing clunky about the latest range of hybrid thoroughbreds that are being released from the stable. If you're thinking about leasing a new car this year then you should consider a hybrid.

Regulation, or altruism we need to improve UK air quality

One of the best reasons to get your hands on a Hybrid car is the state of the UK's air quality. Anything we can all do as consumers and drivers will help improve this. If you are not altruistic by nature then the fact regulations are being tightened will prompt a change in behaviour, surely?

If you're worried about fuel prices it's time to lease a hybrid

If you always wince as you drive past the petrol station and see the latest tariff then it's time you reconsidered your position. Hybrids are gaining in popularity and CO2 emissions and fuel economy are two very good reasons to make the switch.

Everything changes and every love affair must end.

We may have had a long-standing love affair with petrol and diesel but there are more efficient, cleaner and more contemporary solutions in 2017. You might say that there are limiting factors. But the most appropriate course of action is to do your homework. Choose a hybrid car on lease that suits your needs and lifestyle. A Formula One car exists but you wouldn't buy it for the school run would you?

Hybrid cars are enjoying a resurgence of investment

The UK seems to be very interested in their potential. As a consequence many manufacturers are developing new models. You might be surprised to see just how many manufacturers now include a hybrid model in their range. If they haven't now then it's likely this will happened very soon. So now it's time to sit up and take notice of the hybrid before you dismiss it.

Don't think Hybrid is just about economy

Maybe you are reading this with your sceptical hat on. ‘This is all very well but I want style as well as economy and green credentials.' Well if we tell you that Porsche has a hybrid on the road then you know this technology is keen to have its aesthetic credentials improved. The Porsche Panamera is not necessarily the most economical but it's moving in the right direction (see what we did there?)

Therefore whatever your budget, your desire or specific need there are a whole range of hybrid cars that you should check out. For example, BMW, Toyota, Volvo, Volkswagen, Lexus, Kia, Porsche and Hyundai are all possibilities you might wish to consider.

What are the top 6 reasons to lease a Hybrid Car

1. Low UK road tax
2. Cheap company cars to run
3. Very smooth when running in electrical mode
4. Amazingly economical
5. Great for the environment
6. They have a feel good factor

If you'd like to check out your options or begin your research into making a hybrid your next lease car option then have a look at the deals on offer at Gateway2Lease. We will help you pick the very best model for your needs whatever they might be.

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