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Making parking simpler

 Published 22nd September 2023
Driver Guides 

If there's one thing that unites all drivers, it's the regular hunt for a parking space.

It doesn't matter if it's for work or pleasure, at some point you're going to need to park the car and get out to do whatever it is you're doing. We all know there's nothing worse than driving around, getting increasingly frustrated, in the hope that someone will be leaving a space just as you draw up to it. Luckily, there's a new solution in the shape of a recently announced collaboration between Parkopedia and JustPark.

Two of the world's leading parking technology companies  have got together to provide drivers with an easier way to find, book and pay for parking.

According to research from the British Parking Association, drivers have a wide range of priorities when it comes to parking, with one of the the most important being cost. Other important requirements included proximity to the destination, safety, and the size of the parking bay. It's no surprise that supermarkets and retail parks are generally viewed quite favourably compared to local high street parking.

A lack of spaces is the most common reason why people are dissatisfied with parking in their local area, alongside cost and the size of parking spaces. When you look at parking overall, the average time it takes to find a parking space is only five minutes, which doesn't seem too bad. However, that time can more than double when hunting for a spot in your local high street, with over a third of people searching for more than 10 minutes for a suitable parking space.

Basically, we all want easy, convenient parking that doesn't cost a fortune. And Parkopedia users can now search, reserve, and pay for one of JustPark's spaces across the UK as part of a smoother and simpler parking experience.

The locations feature a combination of public on-street spaces, multi-storey car parks, shopping centre and hotel car parks, and also community parking spaces. With 12 million drivers utilising more than 100,000 spaces - including 50,000 private parking spaces and some of the UK's biggest councils and car parking companies.

Even better, if your car is connected to Parkopedia's services you'll be able to pre-book one of JustPark's reservable locations, pay on-demand for on-street parking at selected locations through your navigation system, and make payments using your in-car wallet so you won't even need to dig out your phone or bank card to make a payment. Parkopedia can even help EV drivers find and pay for charging points too.

According to that BPA research we mentioned earlier, the biggest factor when it comes to parking is the same as it is when we buy a house – location, location, location. With the new parking partnership, finding, booking, and paying for that location just got a whole lot easier.

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