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Gateway2Lease MD Kelly Marshall honoured with major industry award

 Published 6th May 2024
G2L News 

Gateway2Lease Managing Director Kelly Marshall has received the Women in Broking Award at this year’s Broker News Awards, drawing praise for her “persistence, determination, and success in making a growing business”.

The Broker News Awards are the highlight of the broker industry calendar, attracting business leaders to a special lunchtime event to recognise the best in the sector.

At the event, the judges for the award, sponsored by Drivalia, remarked on Kelly’s focus on building an impressive broking business since launching the company 16 years ago when she was 22, and her continuing persistence to continually grow the business.

She initially worked in customer services for Lombard Vehicle Management before launching Gateway2Lease. She was mentored by her father, who has since retired, and now runs the business with her brother.

In a recent interview with Broker News, she said: “I love running Gateway2Lease and being head of my own destiny. It is such a brilliant time to be in broking because of the pace of change right now. We’re at a real crossroads as the whole automotive sector transitions to greener technology and to automation. It’s not just fascinating, but also really good fun.”

Kelly has championed gender equality within the business and encourages women to embrace the potential the industry offers.

She added: “My experience of setting up a brokerage is that it is a lot of hard work, especially to start with. You need to take the bull by the horns, have a robust plan and trust that you’ll get there. Back yourself, be bold and stay true to what you believe in.”

Managing Director Kelly Marshall is seen accepting the Women in Broking Award 2024 from award sponsor Duncan Green of Drivalia.

Photographer: Alastair Hilton

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