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Mercedes expands electric options with new EQA

 Published 4th February 2021
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Mercedes-Benz has launched an all-new crossover styled compact car that's fully electric: say hello to the EQA.

EQ is Mercedes parlance for its all-electric models; the new EQA is similar to the GLA model in appearance but without any emissions.

It also has a blanked off front grille to help you identify it as the electric version.

Mercedes says the newcomer will have a range of 265 miles, which should make it suitable for most business uses. It can be recharged 'on the go' with a 100kW ultra rapid charger, allowing the battery to be charged up in 30 minutes.

Overnight, at a home wallcharger, will take under six hours.

With zero emissions, the EQA will qualify for 1% benefit in kind company car tax in 2021/22 rising to 2% the year after.

The car will be launched as the EQA 250 when it arrives in the UK this spring and provides welcome variety in the compact class for electric cars.

Among the car's features is the the MBUX (Mercedes-Benz User Experience) infotainment system, which can be individually configured with the help of various options. There's a powerful computer, brilliant screens and graphics, customisable presentation, full-colour head-up display as part of the optional equipment, navigation with augmented reality (another option), learning software and voice control activated by the keyword ‘Hey Mercedes'.

And we'll have the most competitive business leases available for the new EQA. Just tell us ‘Hey Mercedes' and we'll sort it out.

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