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New Mercedes-AMG GLC63 Proves You Don't Have to be Sensible to be Sensible

 Published 4th May 2017
New Launches 

With fixed monthly costs leasing can be a supremely sensible means of financing a company car. But what if you don't want to be sensible? What if you want to take advantage of all the benefits of leasing but you have an overwhelming desire to go utterly, gloriously nuts? The New Mercedes-AMG GLC63 offers the perfect opportunity to do exactly that.

A direct (and slightly more powerful) rival to the Porsche Macan the GLC63 is the latest mid-size performance SUV to attract attention. Fitted with a similar 4.0-litre, V8 BiTurbo engine to the AMG GT that produces 470bhp in basic form - 510bhp in the S-version - the GLC63 is rumoured to be capable of reaching 60mph in around 4 seconds and is electronically limited to the traditional 155mph. Add a 9-speed Multi-clutch automatic transmission, 4MATIC+ variable all-wheel drive, DYNAMIC SELECT adaptive suspension system, massive brakes, and you start to get the idea. The new AMG GLC63 is a massively powerful performance car in SUV form.

2017 Mercedes AMG GLC63 side profile

Which means it should actually be quite practical. The SUV variant is likely to have a feeling of more interior space than the coupe due to the higher roof line but neither are going to leave you wishing you'd chosen something bigger and both should be equally comfortable.

The GLC63 shares the same Panamericana grille previously reserved for the AMG GT, and the wide sills and wheel arches, muscular rear end, and dual chrome-plated twin exhausts give the new car significant road presence. Choosing between the SUV and Coupe versions is likely to be a matter of personal taste but Mercedes-AMG have done an excellent job in ensuring both look fantastic.

2017 Mercedes AMG GLC63 interior

The interior is awash with leather, contrasting stitching and aluminium trim, and the sports seats ensure comfort regardless of driving style. The cockpit is well-laid out and the equipment level is suitably luxurious for a high-end AMG.

Mercedes-AMG has yet to announce pricing but expect them to start at around £55k. Likewise with emissions figures, there's nothing official but depending on which engine variant you choose the number is likely to be somewhere between 200g/km and 240g/km. It's definitely at the higher end in terms of cost and emissions which will affect BIK tax rates. But then again, you could always lease it privately on a pch deal and not worry about the BIK!

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