Mitsubishi L200 Pickup Is Still Ahead Of The Game After Forty Years

 Published 8th February 2018
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It may be hard to believe but the Mitsubishi L200 pickup is forty years old this year. In that time it's proved indispensable to generations of farmers, builders, and numerous other trades. Even Kate Humble drives an L200 when she's out watching Autumn, or whichever season happens to be occurring at the time.

In that time the L200 has won more awards than all of its rivals combined, and outsold every single pretender to its throne. Which begs the question why, if you don't already, aren't you driving one?

The current model - the series 5 - may be two years old but it's still capable of outperforming almost everything you can throw at it. It is as competent climbing up a mountain or navigating a building site, as it is comfortable on a motorway or around city streets. At launch Mitsubishi boasted that the series 5 was a generation ahead of the rest of the pickup market. That gap may have narrowed in the intervening couple of years but the Mitsubishi L200 still retains a reputation for rugged dependability.

The current Mitsubishi L200 boasts an aluminium - to save weight - 2.4-litre turbodiesel engine offering 178bhp and 430Nm of torque. If you're in the business of moving things around that equates to a total load weight - a combination of load bed and towing capability - of 4.1 tonnes. With a combined 42.8 mpg the L200 Series 5 also uses less fuel than many competitor pick-ups, has the largest range in its class (around 685 miles on a full tank of fuel).

Mitsubishi L200

In recent years, the pickup truck has evolved to cover everything from commercial to private and recreational use, and there has been considerable diversification in what customers want from a pickup. To cover all the bases the Mitsubishi L200 offers the comfort of an SUV with the functionality, strength and reliability of a pick-up. You can even select between 2 or 4 wheel drive depending on where you happen to be driving it.

Despite the heavyweight credentials the Mitsubishi L200 is surprisingly refined. Ride comfort is covered by a fully revised suspension to absorb noise and vibration from the road, contributing to a smooth and quiet cabin experience. The current L200 has also been stiffened to reduce body roll which not only improves the handling and response but also improves comfort.

The level of equipment specification on standard models is also excellent. The interior offers plenty of room for five people - if you opt for a double cab model - and comes with air con, Bluetooth audio system, keyless entry, cruise control, and electric windows. You also get seven airbags and the usual array of driver aids such as traction control, lane assist, and hill start assist. Move up through the range and you can add a DAB radio, satnav, leather upholstery, and the rest.

Mitsubishi L200

We can provide your Mitsubishi L200 in a number of different styles to suit most uses. You can choose from either single, club, or double cab variants in three different trim levels. The 4Life is the entry level model, followed by the Warrior and the Barbarian.

The double cab models have proven to be most popular as they offer the flexibility to use the L200 as both a commercial workhorse and comfortable private vehicle. We work closely with Mitsubishi to ensure our customers get the best price on their lease deal, a fact reflected in the fantastic offers currently available on the Mitsubishi L200 range.

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