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New MS-RT Ford Transit Connect

 Published 4th October 2019
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The humble van has a tendency to disappear into the background of everyday life.

There are thousands of them travelling around on a daily basis yet most of us only notice when they somehow inconvenience us. This isn't necessarily a criticism of the van itself, or van drivers for that matter, just an observation that most of us don't really pay any attention to them.

So what do you do if you're about to lease a new van and you really want it to be noticed? You go to Wales of course.

South Wales-based MS-RT, taking the styling and technology pioneered by Ford's works rally team, has unveiled its brand new Ford Transit Connect conversion, developed, designed and built (by hand, by a team of 40 experts) at its factory in Pontypool. The MS-RT Connect conversion sits alongside its Ford QVM-approved Transit Custom Conversion and shares the same Ford seal of approval.

MS-RT Ford Transit Connect

Full MS-RT body kit and sports exhaust

The new Transit Connect features a styling kit designed and manufactured by the company in-house. The conversion consists of a full plastic injection-moulded body kit and includes a uniquely styled front bumper, grilles, front diffuser, side skirts, rear bumper, rear diffuser and spoiler. In addition to the full body kit, it also boasts a stainless steel sports exhaust system and 18-inch OZ Racing alloy wheels with an optional limited edition bronze finish.

As far as vans go the MS-RT Transit Connect will definitely not blend into the background. If you want your van to turn heads and make a statement this is the one for you. Forget the traditional white van cliche, this is in a completely different league. Yes, it's only a van… the same way that the Mona Lisa is only a painting; or Lewis Hamilton's F1 Mercedes is only a car.

App-controlled soundtrack for sports exhaust system

The interior has had a work-over too with a carbon inlay sports steering wheel and a hand-made nappa leather and suede interior with an embossed logo and diamond stitching in the seats. All versions will also come with LED load space lighting, a premium infotainment pack with satnav and a reversing camera, bi-xenon headlights and twin side loading doors. Options include an upgrade to the bronze alloy wheels, a Maxhaust exhaust system with app-controlled soundtrack, a rally sticker pack, black exhaust tips and a full carbon steering wheel option.

MS-RT Ford Transit Connect interior

If you're interested the MS-RT Transit Connect is available with a six-speed manual gearbox or automatic transmission, and a long-wheelbase version and double cab will be introduced later in the year for those needing a bit more space.

Of course not everyone wants to lease a van that stands out in this way. Luckily we also have some great lease deals on a whole range of vans so if the MS-RT Transit Connect isn't your cup of tea we can still help you get behind the wheel of something less ostentatious. Either way, you'll have a great leasing deal on the van of your choice.

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