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New all-electric MINI Countryman E

 Published 15th September 2023
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The humble MINI has seen many changes as it's cruised through the 20th century and into the 21st. It's been offered in many different guises, received countless makeovers and upgrades, and yes, the name is definitely now more of a brand identity than a physical description.

Perhaps the biggest change though, is that every fifth MINI that rolls off the production lines is now powered by electricity. The switch to an all-electric model range continues with the announcement of the brand-new MINI Countryman E.

The largest MINI model now combines all of that practicality with an electrified go-kart feel and zero-emissions driving.

The first generation of the Countryman was an instant success for MINI, and from 2010 it added a compact SUV option to the model range. Offering all-wheel drive, five doors and over four metres in length it proved to be rugged, practical, and a stylish option. From 2017, the second-generation Countryman introduced the Cooper SE ALL4 version as the first plug-in hybrid model to offer an additional 65 kW/88 hp electric motor on the rear axle. That was the first hint of what electricity could do for the MINI Countryman.

As a stylish all-rounder and spacious everyday companion, the new MINI Countryman continues the journey to a world of all-electric models. The new generation of the Countryman is fully electric, emission-free, and available in two versions.

The MINI Countryman E delivers around 190bhp that's ideal for town driving and motorway cruises. The MINI Countryman SE ALL4 brings the first all-wheel-drive fully  electric vehicle to the model range. Two drive units on the front and rear axles generate a combined 313bhp and also offer a temporary boost. The battery capacity is 64.7 kWh and should offer a range of around 280 miles depending on your driving.

The new all-electric Countryman is just as practical as before with its five doors and sliding/folding rear seats that can create loads of space in no time at all. With an increased length it actually offers more space and comfort for its occupants, and you even get an extra six centimetres of height so there's even more headroom. With the all-wheel drive option, you can now carry more stuff in more comfort to even more remote places.

You can clearly see how rugged and off-roady the new MINI Countryman E is in the pictures. They were taken on a tour of the Scottish Highlands, and it looks like the tour involved travelling in a straight line to the destination without worrying too much about what sort of terrain was in the way.

The new MINI Countryman E goes into full production in November so you can probably expect to see them begin to appear on the roads early next year. If you're currently wondering what to lease for your next car, the answer might be on its way very soon.

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