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New e-hybrid Renegade and Compass expand the Jeep range

 Published 28th January 2022
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If you're thinking of leasing a new SUV in the next few months we might be about to throw a large spanner in the works. Don't blame us though. We aren't the ones introducing new e-Hybrid (MHEV) versions of the Jeep Renegade and Compass.

The e-Hybrid models follow in the tracks of the successful plug-in-hybrid 4x4 range in broadening the Jeep model range.

The new models are the first to feature Jeep's advanced hybrid system. At its heart is a new 4-cylinder 1.5-litre turbo petrol engine which delivers 130hp and 240Nm of peak torque, coupled with a new 7-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission. Added to that is a built-in 48-volt 15kW (20hp) electric motor delivering an extra 55Nm of torque. With full-electric propulsion available at start-up, when travelling at low speeds, cruising and in parking manoeuvres the new hybrid versions offer up to 15% lower consumption and CO2 emissions than the previous petrol models. The new Renegade and Compass e-Hybrid models even include regenerative braking to maximise energy recovery and improve efficiency.

As well as the regenerative braking there are a few other new features that take advantage of the hybrid system:

  • silent start allows you to drive the car in electric mode without even turning the engine on;
  • e-launch uses the electric motor to maximise start/stop efficiency;
  • e-creeping allows you to roll forward slowly much the same as an automatic car will gently start to roll;
  • e-queueing uses the electric motor in a “stop & go” pattern for the inevitable traffic jams;
  • and e-parking uses the electric motor only for smooth and silent low-speed manoeuvres.

The hybrid system can also be managed from either an 8.4-inch (Renegade) or 10.1-inch (Compass) touchscreen that also controls the navigation and other features. The new Jeep Renegade and Compass hybrid models will come with connected services and a range of features that can be accessed via the My Uconnect mobile app, a smartwatch, the website, buttons on the vehicle's ceiling lights, and voice assistants Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. Connectivity definitely comes as standard. You can even use the app to manage the vehicle's status and maintenance, pinpoint its location, lock and unlock the doors, and to turn the lights on.

Other standard equipment aimed at making your life easier and safer includes traffic sign recognition, intelligent speed assist, automatic emergency braking that recognises pedestrians and cyclists. For the first time in Europe a new driver assistance function, Highway Assist, also appears, which uses a combination of adaptive cruise control and lane centring to automatically adjust speed and trajectory when driving on motorways.

The new Compass and Renegade e-Hybrid range is available to order now with first deliveries due in time for the 22-plate.

The Compass e-Hybrid range consists of four trim levels – Night Eagle, Limited, Upland and S, while the Renegade e-Hybrid will be available in Upland and S. A wide range of customisation options are also available, with a contrasting black roof option plus up to eight different exterior paint colours for the Renegade and seven for the Compass, including a brand new colour, specific to the Upland variant. A wide range of alloy wheel designs specific to the Renegade and Compass are also available.

So, now you know, please accept our apologies if you've just been forced to rethink your leasing plans .

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