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New Ferrari Roma Spider harks back to a golden age

 Published 17th April 2023
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There comes a time in life when the luckier ones among us get to choose a special car. Leasing offers an excellent way to get behind the wheel of your perfect car without having to worry about the list price of your dream. And if you're in the market for the perfect car you might want to consider leasing the new Ferrari Roma Spider.

Whether you identify as a bit of a petrolhead or not, we all instinctively understand how special it is to park a Ferrari on your driveway.

The Ferrari Roma Spider is the latest model to emerge from the Maranello factory. It retains the same stylish proportions and specification as the current Roma, minus the roof. This is actually the first front-engined convertible from Ferrari since the 365 came out in 1969 so it's about time really.

Redesigning the coupe's tapering, fastback roofline meant modifying the rear screen to incorporate it into the soft top so that it can fold below the tonneau cover when open. The new soft top deploys in just 13.5 seconds, and the clever design means it's compact enough to retain a larger boot that enhances the car's versatility. The soft top itself is crafted from a specially designed fabric and can be specified in a variety of colour combinations to suit your chosen specifications.

Ferrari Roma Spider rear

Aside from that relatively minor tweak the Ferrari Roma Spider is just as elegantly gorgeous as the coupe. The long bonnet flows into beautifully sculpted wings and the 2+ cabin – yes, it does have backseats – is set back slightly to resemble the longer rear overhang of classic models from the 1950s and 1960s. Engine cooling is guaranteed by the perforated nose which replaces the traditional grille concept and is finished in the same colour as the bodywork.

That long bonnet also conceals the whole point of a Ferrari.

In this case the point is a turbo charged V8. The 3.8-litre unit produces 620bhp, sending the power to the rear wheels via an eight-speed gearbox. The Ferrari Roma Spider actually boasts a class-leading power-to-weight ratio thanks not only to its soft top, but also to its all-aluminium chassis. In a car that weighs around 1500kg that power output equates to a top speed just shy of 200mph. It should go without saying that you'll also get supercar acceleration with a 0-60 time of just 3.4 seconds.

And while you're leaving everyone else in your wake you'll be sitting in a comfortable and well-equipped cabin with a big smile on your face.

The Ferrari Roma Spider is not just rewarding to drive, it is also the perfect companion for long-distance cruising. The cabin is designed as two separate spaces for driver and passenger, both leather-lined and featuring 18-way-adjustable heated ergonomic seats with an optional neck warmer for colder days. The passenger can also have an optional display that allows them to share the driving information from the driver's digital instrument cluster. An 8.4 inch central display that appears to float between the dashboard and tunnel incorporates the other infotainment and climate control functions. The F1 gearbox controls have also been set into a metal plate which resembles the iconic gear lever gate that featured on classic models.

For the vast majority, a Ferrari is always going to be out of reach. For the lucky few who do get to park a prancing horse outside the house every night, the new Ferrari Roma Spider might be the ideal blend of style, performance, and practicality.

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