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New Fiat Professional line-up now available to lease

 Published 12th December 2023
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Fiat Professional has launched a new range of vans, with the E-Scudo, E-Doblo, and E-Ducato electric LCVs joining internal combustion engine (ICE) models in the line-up.

Covering small, medium, and large van markets, the Fiat Professional range has seen each model relaunched for 2024, featuring a suite of new driver assistance systems, and improved powertrains.

new Fiat E-Ducato

Fiat E-Ducato

The new E-Ducato has been developed in-house by Fiat - much of the van range is shared with fellow Stellantis brands Citroen, Peugeot and Vauxhall, as well as Toyota - which has seen the e-LCV gain 30% more driving range and a 25% reduction in cost. Now fitted with a new 110 kWh battery, the E-Ducato has a range of 261 miles on a charge in its most efficient variant, yet still has a 1,500kg payload.

A new 200 kW motor powers the E-Ducato, for increased power output, and there is now 150 kW DC charging capability to top up the battery from 10-80% in 55 minutes.

The Ducato also gets a new range of MultiJet Diesel engines that meet Euro 6E regulations, with either 120hp, 140hp, or 180hp options. Interior equipment has been boosted with USB-C charging sockets, a new infotainment unit, and keyless entry and go across the range.

new Fiat Doblo

Changes to Doblo

The Doblo and E-Doble see similar changes inside and out, though on a more compact scale. The electric E-Doblo now has a 205 mile driving range thanks to tweaks to the electric powertrain, and a heat pump for improved efficiency.

Charging on DC points is possible at up to 100 kW for a 10-80% charge in half an hour, and there’s a ‘Magic Plug’ for on-board power, allowing users to plug-in equipment such as tools or tech at any rating up to 400V.

new Fiat Scudo

New powertrains for Scudo

Finally, the mid-sized Scudo and E-Scudo come with new diesel engines and battery packs respectively. The diesel models get three power levels and either a six-speed manual or eight-speed automatic transmission.

The E-Scudo is available with a choice of 50 kWh or 75 kWh battery packs, allowing up to 217 miles on a charge for the most efficient model. The new Fiat Professional range Fiat Professional range is now available to lease for your business.

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