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New Ford Transit Custom PHEV ticks all the boxes

 Published 7th November 2019
New Launches 

If you're currently leasing a van for your business then pay close attention.

Anything that could save you a few quid is bound to attract attention, and lower fuel bills, lower running costs, and no low-emissions-zone charges are a good place to start.

Combining zero-emission driving capability without the worry of range anxiety, the new Ford Transit Custom Plug-In Hybrid van can be charged with mains electricity for a pure electric driving range of up to 35 miles.

The Transit Custom has always been a popular choice with its combination of practicality and interior space in a mid-sized, easy to drive van. The new Plug-In Hybrid offers the same level of space in a more economical package.

The front wheels are driven exclusively by a 92.9kW electric motor powered by a 13.6kWh lithium-ion battery pack. Under the bonnet a 1.0-litre EcoBoost petrol engine acts as a range extender for total driving range in excess of 310 miles, 91.7mpg fuel efficiency and 60g/km CO2 emissions. A net payload of 1,130kg and unchanged load volume of 6.0m3 are achieved by packaging the compact battery pack beneath the floor.

A charging port hidden behind the front bumper enables the new Transit Custom Plug-In Hybrid to be charged in 4.3 hours using a domestic 240-volt 10-amp power supply, or 2.7 hours using a commercial type-2 AC vehicle charger. Quick charge times are always useful when it comes to minimising running costs. Additional electrical energy is captured through regenerative charging when the vehicle decelerates or brakes too.

Transit Custom PHEV provides four driving modes

Four selectable EV modes also enable the driver to choose how and when to use the available battery charge, allowing you to make the most of the technology when you need it.

The default setting is likely to be EV Auto as this provides the optimum blend of performance and efficiency without you having to think about it. EV Now prioritises usage of stored battery energy for emissions-free driving, deactivating the range extender until battery levels reach a minimum state of charge.

New Ford Transit Custom PHEV rear

EV Later prioritises the range extender and utilises the regenerative charging to most efficiently maintain the current level of battery charge, ready for later use.

EV Charge utilises the range extender to power the vehicle and to top up the battery for later use. Regardless of whether you're on a long motorway run or in stop/start city traffic the new Ford Transit PHEV makes the journey as efficient as possible.

The Transit Custom Plug-In Hybrid will be available in a single L1 H1 variant, with Van or Kombi bodystyles, and in a choice of Base, Trend and Limited series specification. Cabin air-conditioning and a heated windscreen are standard on all vehicles, and available equipment includes Ford's voice-activated SYNC 3 communications and entertainment system, featuring an eight-inch colour touchscreen that can be controlled with pinch and swipe gestures.

The usual range of driver assistance technologies include Active Park Assist and Lane-Keeping Alert are also included alongside some model specific options.

Low-emission zone geofencing

To help ensure the Transit Custom Plug-In Hybrid uses pure-electric power in low-emission zones, Ford has added a “Geofencing” capability that automatically switches the vehicle to EV Now mode when entering a low-emissions zone so you don't even have to think about where you're going.

The module can also be controlled via an app, and captures encrypted information about electric-only operation within geofenced zones that can be securely shared with local authorities to confirm compliance to low-emission zone regulations.

By removing the risk of accidentally straying into a charge zone while using the range extender, this could help reduce operator stress and save your business money from fines and penalties.

The new Ford Transit Custom PHEV is available to order now with first deliveries due before the end of the year. If you're looking to lease a practical, economical van for your business you can stop searching and give us a call because we've just found the perfect answer.

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