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New home for Gateway2Lease

 Published 30th January 2020
G2L News 

You probably wouldn't select the Christmas period as your average time to move. After all, most of us still slumped around the TV soaking up the last mince pies and promising ourselves that in the new year we will get to the gym. We will .

But not Gateway2Lease. We shrugged off the Christmas and Boxing Day hangovers and moved into our new offices, a 5000sq ft building at Saxon Business Park in Bromsgrove.

Gateway2Lease bought the property back in April 2019, and has been planning the design and building's infrastructure since.

“We're very much a family firm and we wanted to buy the right property that fitted with our values - and a rural location was very important. We like the countryside, and although the business park is a big one, our location still feels rural,” explained Rob Marshall, director of Gateway2Lease.

“The size of the building means we can grow when we need to and there is adequate parking as well. It's big for our 36 staff but when we think it is the right time to grow we will have the space. It's all about long term sustainable growth.

“The location also means we can attract quality staff from both Worcester and Redditch and we're close the M5 as well and Bromsgrove and Droitwich stations are nearby.”

So if you fancy a trip to the county to see our new building, or discuss your next lease car, you are more than welcome. You can find us here:

Abberley View, Saxon Business Park, B60 4AD.

Our phone number remains the same: 01299 407 360. Just like the quality of our leasing deals.

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