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Award winning Isuzu D-Max Pickup gets a host of new updates

 Published 27th November 2018
New Launches 

If you're on the lookout for a new pickup truck then the 1st of October will have been a good day for you. That's the day the freshly updated Isuzu D-Max was officially launched on a waiting world.

The D-Max was already a remarkable bit of kit offering a rugged, hard-working pickup that looks good, is comfortable, and capable of going anywhere carrying almost anything. Now it's been updated with some new technology and improved specification.

Under the surface you get the benefit of improved suspension on double-cab models for better comfort and reduced noise. Strangely all Isuzu has done is switch from a five to a three-leaf spring set up, but thanks to stronger materials the strength, durability, and towing ability of the D-Max remains the same. They have also improved the rust protection for a longer lifespan and reduced the kerb weight by 10kg so you can squeeze a bit more into it before you exceed the weight limits.

Up front Isuzu has updated the turbo diesel engine to generate 160bhp and 360Nm of torque - more than enough for towing purposes - while maintaining fuel economy of around 40mpg. More importantly it also meets Euro6 emissions regulations without the need for AdBlue.

While we're on the subject of towing the D-Max now features Trailer Sway Control as standard on all 4x4 models. Trailer Sway Control uses sensors to detect if a trailer begins to swing and can automatically reduce vehicle speed if sway is identified. The speed is controlled by reducing engine torque and automatically applying the brakes to prevent the trailer getting out of control.

Isuzu D-Max rear

In addition to the increased safety and comfort features, the Isuzu D-Max also comes in three new exterior colours - Spinel Red, Sapphire Blue and Galena Grey. Range topping Blade models will now be available in four colours, with Obsidian Grey and Spinel Red joining the colour line-up.

The interior has had a tweak or two as well. Improved soft pad designs on the arm rests, binnacle and utility box lid enhance the look and feel of the cabin, while gloss black trim has been added to the window switches, air vents and glove box, which also showcases a new Isuzu D-Max badge. The use of new materials increases the quality and ensures greater comfort on all journeys, regardless of how rough the terrain may be.

And the best part? Isuzu has added all these updates to the D-Max range without affecting the overall cost. The price list for the newly updated Isuzu D-Max range starts at just £16,799 (Exc. VAT) for the Isuzu D-Max 4x2 Single Cab, rising to a perfectly reasonably £29,799 for the top of the range Blade.

At those prices you're guaranteed to find an excellent lease deal when you give us a call.

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