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Sharp Lexus Coupe gets sharper still

 Published 16th July 2020
New Launches 

If you want to drive a statement for your business, then this one is of the jaw-dropping variety: the Lexus LC Coupe.

And now there's even better reason to make that statement, since the Lexus engineers have been hard at work refining, sharpening and engineering the LC Coupe to new levels of excellence.

The main changes are to the suspension which enables the big coupe to smooth out bumps and ridges better, while also saving weight thanks to the use of forged aluminium parts.

But there have also been improvements made to the hybrid drivetrain on the 500h model that increases its operating range and allows more torque to be developed by the electric motor. The gain for the driver is swifter acceleration and better low-down response.

The V8 500 model has also had improvements added to its 10-speed autobox to improve shift patterns and deliver better performance at 50-70% throttle inputs, while the exhaust note has been sweetened to deliver more of the V8's aural delight under acceleration while keeping it whisper quiet when cruising.

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