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New Lexus LM - a new way to move people in luxury

 Published 28th May 2023
New Launches 

If you're going to lease a comfortable and luxurious car with lots of space you've probably been imagining yourself in an SUV of some description. Well, it might be time to imagine something different. Because the humble people carrier is about to be completely redefined. What you might want to consider is the brand-new Lexus LM 350h.

The LM is a completely new type of vehicle for Lexus to introduce to Europe.

The “Luxury Mover” is the fourth new model in the Lexus range, following the all-new NX, RX and all-electric RZ SUVs. The Lexus LM 350h will be available in the UK towards the end of 2023 and comes with Lexus's 2.5-litre hybrid-electric powertrain for quiet efficiency.

Lexus LM rear view

None of which is remarkable enough yet to make you think about swapping the SUV for a people carrier, even one that can be specified in two layouts.

The seven seat version

As you'd expect from a people carrier, there's a seven-seat version that packs the interior full of leather and technology. That's definitely the option to go for if you need the seats for the children and a big boot for all their stuff. The middle row has enough technology to keep even the surliest of teens entertained, and the back row can be folded flat to create extra space in the boot.

Lexus LM interior

Except….Except the one you'll really want to lease is the four-seat version. Especially when we tell you that, during the model's concept development, Lexus did some research with private jet manufacturers and their mega-wealthy, luxury-demanding customers.

This is going to be the version that does make you think twice about “roughing it” in the back of a Range Rover.

The ultimate in luxury?

The four-seat model represents the pinnacle of automotive luxury, with just two multi-function rear seats and a wealth of high-end features. These include a partition between the front and rear cabin, which houses a 48-inch widescreen monitor and glass panel that can be dimmed for privacy. The bespoke Mark Levinson 3D Surround Sound audio system boasts 23 speakers, and cabin comfort is monitored by infra-red sensors that can precisely control and direct heating and ventilation – it actually knows which bits of you are hot and which bits are cold and can adjust the climate control accordingly.

The seats themselves look like they've come straight from the first class cabin, too.

The extended pillow-like head rests provide support from the top of the back rather than the neck, extending ottomans provide leg support, and both rear seats can be reclined to fully horizontal, airline bed-style. The seat cushions even have a tilt function to prevent you sliding forward when the car brakes. That's as well as the usual power adjustment, heating, and ventilation features you'd expect to find. Naturally…


In the four-seat LM, Lexus has also hidden a host of useful features in the interior design. We're not just talking about USB plugs or wireless chargers either, although you do get those in abundance too. You'll also get fold-out tables, storage points for small items, reading lights and vanity mirrors, individual gloveboxes in the centre partition, and a fridge.

If you want to put the new Lexus LM into context you'll need to imagine that it also comes with a uniformed chauffeur. All that feedback from the jet-set has created the ultimate luxury car to transport you to your equally luxurious private jet that's waiting to whisk you away to whichever ultra-luxurious destination you've chosen for the weekend.

And if you're wondering why we haven't mentioned the looks of the Lexus LM….let's just say, when you're relaxing in the most luxurious interior on the road the uniquely striking exterior can't be seen. 

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