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New Mercedes-Benz eSprinter packs in huge battery for 250 mile range

 Published 17th March 2023
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Set to challenge in the increasingly important eLCV market, Mercedes-Benz's eSprinter is hailed by the German brand as being the most efficient electric van it's ever produced.

Available in two body sizes and lengths, and with maximum gross weight of up to 4.25 tonnes (eLCVs can be driven on a standard driving licence up to this weight), the eSprinter is available with a choice of two electric motors and three battery capacities.

Motors are offered in 100 kW (136hp) or 150 kW (204hp) power ratings, and both deliver up to 400 Nm of torque. It's the three battery options that grab the attention however. Usable capacities are 56 kWh, 81 kWh, or 113 kWh (net), with the latter reaching the headline range of 248 miles on a charge.

Based on a city driving simulation, Mercedes-Benz reckons the largest battery eSprinter will cover up to 310 miles on a charge, and high-power recharging at 115 kW can top-up the battery from 10-80% in 42 minutes for the largest battery model, or less than 30 minutes for the smallest.

The eSprinter can be specified in panel van or chassis cab builds, and a modular build means the electric components are packed away under the bonnet or under the floor of the vehicle so as to not compromise load capacity, making the electric Mercedes Sprinter a good leasing opportunity for commercial vehicle fleets.

Interior kit includes the latest MBUX software, including “Hey Mercedes” natural voice commands, navigation with “electric intelligence” that helps plan eco-driving routes and can factor in charging stops.

The first versions of the panel van will arrive in the UK at the end of 2023, and additional versions will be rolled out the following year.

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