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New MG4 Extended Range runs to over 300 miles

 Published 7th September 2023
New Launches 

In 2022 alone, the MG4 claimed the following titles:

  • Bargain of the Year;
  • Best Value Electric Car;
  • Reader's Favourite Electric Car;
  • Best Small Family Car;
  • Best Value Car;
  • Best EV under £40,000;
  • and Car of the Year…three times.

That's nine reasons to lease yourself one right there. And now there's a 10th reason in the shape of the new MG4 Extended Range.

The all-electric MG4 ended 2022 on a massive high and it's set to go even further in 2023 with the new extended range version available to lease.

MG is the fastest growing car brand in the UK, offering a six-model range of practical and affordable cars. Today's MGs are spacious, packed with technology and perfect for modern life. MG has now revealed the official pricing and specification of the latest addition to that line-up, the new MG4 EV Extended Range.

Built on the same rear-wheel drive layout, the new model retains the excellent comfort and dynamic handling of the rest of the MG4 EV range. The MG4 EV Extended Range is also available in “Trophy” specification as standard, so you'll get the same generous levels of space, infotainment system, and driver-assistance technology too.

With the exception of larger 18 inch alloy wheels and a black two-tone roof, the appearance of the latest addition to the MG4 stable is pretty much unchanged. The big differences are hidden beneath the contemporary styling and comfortable cabin.

323 mile range for the new MG4 Extended Range

Fitted with a new 77kWh battery pack, the MG4 Extended Range marks a milestone for the company as its first electric car to break the 300-mile barrier on a single charge.

According to MG's figures, the new Extended Range version is capable of up to 323 miles on a single charge, more than 100 miles further than the 51kWh Standard Range version, and 40-odd miles more than the 64kWh Long Range variant. It can also be charged from 10-80% in a little over 30 minutes so you can keep driving another 300 miles for as long as you like really.

As well as delivering more miles, the driver also gets to wear a bigger smile thanks to the Extended Range's more powerful 180kW electric motor which offers better performance, with the 0-62mph time now down to just 6.5 seconds. Not as quick as the recently revealed MG4 XPower, but as that only has a range of around 240 miles that's a trade-off only you can decide on.

As an all-rounder it's looking like the MG4 Extended Range is going to be a brilliant compromise.

More power than the standard models and more range than the performance version means it has to be the best option for the majority of people looking to lease an EV this year. The fact it carries a price tag of less than £40k further underlines MG's ‘Get More' philosophy with an EV that goes even further whilst still being more affordable than its key rivals.

“The Extended Range is the fifth model in the award winning MG4 EV model family,” says Guy Pigounakis, MG's Commercial Director, who adds “and we believe drivers have real breadth of choice with our electric hatchbacks which now include the very capable SE cars all the way through to the XPOWER, the most powerful production MG ever built.”

There are now five options to choose from in the MG4 range, all of which offer value for money, practicality, and generous equipment levels. Deciding which one to lease is largely down to your own preferences and needs. What is clear though is that now you can get more than 300 miles on a single charge, there's not really much point in choosing to lease something that isn't an MG4.

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