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New MG Cyberster preview

 Published 27th June 2023
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There's a little murmur of excitement rippling through the car world at the moment. A murmur that could potentially become a roar by summer 2024, which is when this new car will actually be released. We may be 12 months early with this one, but there's an excellent chance you'll really want to lease the forthcoming MG Cyberster.

MG has enjoyed spectacular success as the UK's fastest growing mainstream brand over the last two consecutive years. After a string of practical SUVs and hatchbacks, the Cyberster marks MG's return to its sports car roots.

And what better time to introduce a brand-new high performance two-seater sports car than in what will be your 100th anniversary year.

A pre-production model of MG's dramatic new sports car, the Cyberster, made an appearance at a special preview event held at the MG Motor UK headquarters in Marylebone, London. Advanced design director Carl Gotham and his Marylebone team – who played a key role in creating the Cyberster – revealed the model for the first time.


The MG Cyberster's styling draws obvious inspiration from MGs heritage, with signature design highlights including a distinctive long bonnet, low nose, and curves galore. This is definitely a good thing because it looks absolutely fabulous. Those traditional sports car proportions of long bonnet with the cabin set more rearward create huge amounts of character, something the MG badge has always represented.

It may take inspiration from the past, but the Cyberster is undoubtedly a modern car.

The Cyberster boasts some new features, the most obvious being the vertically opening scissor doors. You'll definitely feel a sense of occasion every time you get in and out. There's also a sharper rear end that not only gives a sense of power but also helps the air slide off the back of the car as you hurtle through it. The sculpted tail is also highlighted by the refined LED strip that stretches the width of the rear, and the gorgeous interior features a triple screen layout so it's very driver focused.

Modern technology is more than skin deep.

MG has made no secret of its drive towards electrification and the new Cyberster is no exception. This is the first MG sports car to be fully electric. We don't have details of the drivetrain setup yet but we do know the MG Cyberster will be all-wheel drive. That's going to give it quite a bit of grip and stability to go with the blisteringly quick acceleration that comes from an electric motor.

The Cyberster marks a much-anticipated return to sports car production from MG. Two-seater sports cars were very much their thing, and it looks like the Cyberster is bringing the MG story bang up to date with a high performance all-electric beauty.

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