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New MG4 XPower hints at MG's performance future

 Published 3rd August 2023
Electric Vehicles 

Once upon a time, the MG name was synonymous with affordable sports cars. Times have changed, technology has moved on, and now MG is positioning itself as a market leader in affordable electric cars. The sportiness is still in evidence though, and you can now get your hands on it by leasing the new MG4 XPower.

MG Motor UK has recently revealed the official pricing and specification of its new high-performance all-electric hatchback, confirming the new MG4 XPower will be its most powerful production car yet.

The all-new MG4 XPower is the first of the next generation of high-performance hatchbacks.

The range-topping model in the MG4 line up underlines the company's Get More philosophy, as an EV performance car offering drivers breath-taking power and dynamics at an extremely competitive price. Available to order now, the XPower promises to be one of the most exciting new electric cars of 2023, heralding MG's return to the performance car market.

new MG4 EV XPower rear

MG says it wanted to show that compact EV can be affordable, practical, and exciting to drive. It's MG's take on a pure performance car that's the exact opposite of the ‘loud' high performance hatchback we're used to seeing. Alongside the hot hatch performance, it also retains the technology and equipment levels, as well as all of the practical hatchback features, of the award-winning MG4 range.

With its subtle exterior design and specification enhancements the new MG4 XPower is expected to fly under the radar in comparison to the usual high-powered hatchbacks. The only outward signs that this isn't an ordinary MG4 are the orange brake callipers, two-tone black roof, new 18inch alloy wheels and an exclusive new Racing Green colour option. Under the skin it's a different story though.

The new XPower model features a dual motor setup that sends power to all four wheels, via front (150kW) and rear (170kW) electric motors. In more traditional terms, that translates to an all-wheel drive car with around 435bhp for you to play with. Capable of 0-62mph in 3.8 seconds, the hottest of hot hatches will struggle to keep pace with this understated alternative.

new MG4 EV XPower interior

As well as offering hyper hatch-rivalling performance in a straight line, the new MG4 XPower does an excellent job of getting all that power onto the road. A series of upgrades to the drivetrain has created an all-new Dynamic Cornering Control System featuring a locking electronic differential and Intelligent Motor Control for maximum traction and stability in a wide range of driving conditions. Upgraded suspension, sharper steering, and uprated brake discs on all four corners add to the overall performance package. It's even got a launch control feature for when you can't resist showing off the acceleration.

You may be one of those people who loves to drive but is well aware how ridiculous you'd look in a car adorned with the usual hot hatch spoiler and body kit. If that's the case, the new MG4 XPower is aimed squarely at you.

MG has created a sensible, affordable, and practical hatchback that enthusiastically embraces the electric era. The fact you could leave pretty much everything in your utterly silent wake is just an added bonus….and we can't think of a single reason why you wouldn't want a 400bhp bonus parked outside your house. Lease the MG4 XPower here.

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