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New MINI Cooper Electric gets range boost

 Published 9th May 2023
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MINI has revealed details of its second-generation electric MINI hatch, ahead of its expected launch in September at the IAA motor show in Munich.

An important part of the next-generation MINI's powertrain options, the British brand will double the choice available to MINI Electric customers. Currently, there's a single MINI Electric motor/battery option, but this will be rebranded to a MINI Cooper Electric range.

Customers will be able to pick from the Cooper E for a 40 kWh battery and around 180 mile driving range, or Cooper SE with a 54 kWh battery and roughly 250 mile range.

The MINI Cooper E gets the same 135 kW electric motor as found in the current model, while the Cooper SE sees power boosted to 160 kW. Considering 135 kW in a car the size of the MINI Electric is already ample to have plenty of fun, yet more power is certainly going to justify the “Cooper S” badge.

The new design sees a similar silhouette to existing models, but a clear development in other areas of design. The rear lights are now triangular, while the front end sees a progression from the rounded shapes of the existing model to greater use of horizontal strips to help square things off.

Again, the design will largely be identical to the petrol-powered models that will be offered alongside the MINI Cooper Electric range.

The electric MINI has quickly become an important model for the brand with both private and business users. Following its launch in 2020, the EV saw a rise in sales of more than 25% in 2022 to become the most popular MINI model worldwide, with more than 43,000 units sold.

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