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New Porsche Macan EV revealed

 Published 12th April 2024
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It’s perfectly normal to want the best of both worlds. In car terms, the best of both worlds would probably equate to leasing something practical and economical on one hand, with blistering performance and stunning looks on the other. Unfortunately, seeing as we’re mixing our metaphors, you can’t have your cake and eat it too. Unless your cake of choice happens to be the brand-new Porsche Macan.

Despite having been around for 10 years now, Porsche has only just got around to the second generation of the Macan SUV, and with two new models available to order it seems the best of both worlds now comes with a cherry on top of the cake.

Enough with the metaphors now. Having the best of both cakes is all well and good but it’s not much use when you’re trying to decide what car to lease. Especially when the car in question promises so much more than a fleeting sugar rush.

As we said, the Porsche Macan has been around for a decade now and it’s proved to be quite a success. It offers all the practicality of a mid-size SUV, there’s no doubting its performance capability, and it proudly wears one of the most iconic badges in automotive history. The new models also mark the first time Porsche has taken an existing car from its range and made it all-electric. The aim was to make the new Macan the sportiest model in its segment, as well offering the same levels of space and practicality you’d expect from an SUV.

The numbers suggest that target has been met…and exceeded.

As far as the sportiness is concerned, the numbers make for impressive reading. Both the Macan 4 and Macan Turbo are based on a new premium platform that incorporates the latest 800v technology. That translates into a sizeable chunk of power. The Macan 4 may be the least powerful of the two but it still boasts around 400bhp, and if that sounds a bit miserly to your ears you could always consider the 630bhp Macan Turbo instead.

To put that into a context that everyone understands, the Macan 4 will hit 60mph in a fraction over 5 seconds while the Turbo manages the same in a little over 3 seconds. Top speeds are 137mph and 161mph respectively. That should prove sufficiently sporty for most.

Fast charging gets you going quickly

In practical terms, the new all-electric architecture underpinning both models gives you a 100kWh battery to power the electric motors. The 800v system allows for charging at up to 270kW which means a 10-80% charge should take just 20 minutes at a fast-charging station. The clever technology inside the new Porsche Macan also makes it as efficient as possible so you can expect a range well in excess of 300 miles from either model.

According to Porsche’s figures, the Macan 4 is good for around 380 miles so unless you do a lot of motorway miles you’ll probably find an overnight top-up on a domestic charger is all you’ll really need. The Macan Turbo does sacrifice some range in exchange for the extra 230bhp, but it still manages 360 miles from a full battery and 20 miles isn’t really much of a price to pay for the additional performance.

On top of the impressive performance and range, the all-electric Macan also offers you extra luggage space up front where the engine used to be so it’s even more practical than it first appears. You’ll also get a gorgeous Porsche interior packed with the latest technology, all-wheel drive for optimum traction on any surface, and you can even specify your new Macan with rear-wheel steering and adjustable air suspension among other options.

The new Macan models are available to order today with the first customers expected to take delivery during the second half of the year. So, if you do want to have your cake and eat it you’d better give us a call soon - on 01299 407 360 - so we can arrange your Porsche Macan lease in time for those first deliveries.

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