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New Toyota Corolla Commercial more efficient than ever

 Published 11th April 2023
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Toyota has installed its latest, fifth-generation hybrid technology to the Corolla Commercial van, making the business-friendly model even more efficient.

As part of Toyota's updates to its LCV version of the Corolla estate, a new 1.8 litre petrol engine and hybrid system boosts power and efficiency, making the van both faster and more economical to run.

The figures now stand at 138bhp for the combined powertrain, reducing the 0-62mph time by 1.7 seconds to 9.4 seconds. CO2 emissions are from 100g/km - down from 105g/km - and 64.2mpg increased from 61.4mpg.

The van is essentially a Corolla Sports Tourer with the rear seats removed, bulkhead added, and a load area protected against general wear and tear. As such the car-based LCV will carry a 425kg payload in the 1,326 litres of space, while it can also tow up to 750kg.

The new powertrain features a revised power control unit, which helps reduce electrical losses in the system by 14%. Different materials used such as a double-sided cooling system, and better placing of components in the vehicle help allow for the improvements in economy and power. Primarily though, it is the use of a new lithium-ion battery that is smaller and lighter than before, but has a higher output.

Toyota has also uprated the Safety Sense systems in the Corolla Commercial, which bring about improvements to many of the accident detection systems and add new functions. They are also able to be updated over-the-air automatically, removing the need to take the van into a service centre.

A new front camera has been fitted that has a wider field of vision, forward detection distance has been doubled, and the front radar has been boosted to better ‘see' obstacles closer to the van's bumper.

Available in a single grade and powertrain, the Toyota Corolla Commercial is available to lease now, and comes with the company's industry leading 10 year/100,000 mile warranty.

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