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Our guide to the new Volvo EM90

 Published 21st December 2023
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It’s not often that Volvo goes in a new direction, but few saw the EM90 on the horizon before it was unveiled. Volvo’s first MPV, the EM90 is a fully-electric people carrier with a range of 458 miles, and an emphasis on comfort rather than practicality.

Volvo has looked for inspiration in its past however, as it’s 70 years since the Duett estate was launched - pitched as a spiritual forebear. It was designed to be a spacious and versatile car, inspiring the estate models for which Volvo became most famous, and now the EM90 is aimed to be the next in that line of practical Swedish cars.

Rather than MPVs that have myriad cubby-holes and seating for half a rugby team, in flying terms the Volvo EM90 is far more first class than economy. In fact, the rear of the EM90 features reclining armchairs, individual climate controls, huge windows, and acres of space.

new Volvo EM90 rear

If anything, it’s more living room than MPV.

Still, because of its overall size, the Volvo will seat six - though it is definitely the middle row passengers who get the best of things.

It should be relaxing to ride in, with high levels of sound insulation and road noise cancellation technology, as well as dual-chamber air suspension, and ‘silent’ tyres. Alongside the quiet electric drivetrain, it should mean the 21-speaker Bowers & Wilkins stereo doesn’t have to work too hard to be heard.

High performance technology includes 5G connectivity, and a 15.6-inch infotainment screen folds down from its roof mounting for entertainment on the move, or to have a business video call. There are settings that will change the ambience inside to that of a theatre, meeting room, or bedroom, with screens, seats, windows, air conditioning, and lighting adjusted accordingly.

new Volvo EM90 interior

The driving range is an estimate based on the Chinese market’s assessments, since the EM90 is heading there first where it’s already available to order in China. As such, range figures will differ a little when it makes it to Europe, but it shouldn’t be by much. That’s because the battery is a huge 116 kWh, and it can be recharged from 10-80% in less than 30 minutes.

Power comes from a 200 kW rear-mounted motor, which sees the 0-62mph sprint completed in 8.3 seconds, and there’s the potential for a more powerful version since the Volvo EM90 is based on the same platform as sister-firm Zeekr’s 009 MPV, which is offered with dual motors.

There’s no word yet whether the EM90 will be brought to the UK to join the rest of the Volvo range, but high-end electric MPVs are proving popular, and Volvo will judge each market individually. Keep your eyes peeled for this mobile lounge in 2024.

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