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New Volkswagen Passat is bigger and better than ever

 Published 4th September 2023
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There's no law that says you have to choose an SUV if you want space and practicality. If you need a truly practical car that offers comfort and quality as well as a colossal boot space you could consider leasing an estate instead. The timing couldn't be better if you're facing that decision because one of the best, the Volkswagen Passat, is about to get even better.

The ninth-generation of the Volkswagen Passat will be larger, more comfortable, and even higher quality when it's launched in early 2024.

All we've got to go on so far are the teasing press releases from VW that only offers a sneak peek at the new features. Already one of the world's most successful mid-sized cars, with over 50 years of history and more than 30 million on the world's roads, the new Passat will boast even more reasons to lease yourself one.

A lot of the improvements are under the skin where you can feel them more than see them. VW has concentrated on ensuring a high ride and improved comfort with a longer wheelbase and a new adaptive chassis control with two-valve shock absorbers. The rear axle has also been improved, a new electromechanical steering setup introduced, modified anti- roll bars and shock absorbers have been fitted, and there are even specific little adaptations for different wheel rims. The updated Dynamic Chassis Control can even adjust braking and suspension on each individual wheel for added stability.

The longer wheelbase not only adds to the stability but it also increases the length of the new Passat by 14cm, giving you lots of extra legroom and boot space on the inside. That roomier interior has also been redesigned with high-grade materials and effective noise insulation to take the overall quality and comfort to a new level.

Volkswagen has also given the new Passat estate an updated cockpit

Along with the updated cockpit, as you would expect there's a new infotainment system designed to be as intuitive as possible. “ergoActive” front seats will be available as an option on the new Passat as well. These feature electrical adjustment up to 14-way as well as massage and air conditioning functions for the ultimate in comfort.

new vw passat rear

The standard infotainment display will feature a 12.9-inch screen with a 15-inch version also available as an option, or possibly even as standard on higher trim level models. Backlit touch sliders beneath the infotainment system display take control of functions such as the interior temperature and sound level, and other functions can be controlled from the multifunction steering wheel. Volkswagen will also offer a new head-up display as an option that projects the information onto the windscreen.

We don't know too much about engine options just yet because VW is choosing not to reveal this information until closer to the launch, although that is scheduled for the end of August so it may have already happened by the time you read this.

All we know so far is that it will be offered with turbodiesel engines (TDI), turbocharged petrol engines (TSI), mild hybrid turbocharged petrol engines (eTSI) and plug-in hybrid systems (eHybrid). The exact specifications of each engine option will have to remain a secret for now, although VW has revealed the new plug-in hybrid option will offer a longer electric-only range – up to around 60 miles – and faster charging times.

With more interior space, more equipment, improved handling, and even more comfort, one thing we definitely do know is that the new Volkswagen Passat estate is going to take some beating when it hits the UK early next year.

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