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Popularity, affordability, and reliability combine in the new Nissan Qashqai

 Published 21st February 2023
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2023 is turning into quite a year for Nissan, and it's still only February. Recently revealed as the best-selling car in the UK over the last 12 months, the British-built Nissan Qashqai has now been named the UK's most reliable car as well.

That's the verdict of the 50,000 UK consumers who took part in the annual Which? Reliability Survey.

Designed, engineered, and built in Britain, the new Nissan Qashqai emerged as the clear leader following the survey conducted by the highly respected consumer affairs organisation. The car achieved a rare five-star reliability rating with expert testers praising the car's practicality, dependability, and family-friendly appeal.

“Nissan's efforts with the all-new version have seen it crowned our most reliable car for 2023 – a fantastic achievement for what is one of the more affordable cars in the sector,” said Which?.

David Moss, Senior Vice President of Research & Development at Nissan Technical Centre in Cranfield, where the new model was developed, said: “We're delighted that both real-world customers and expert reviewers have recognised the quality and durability of our fantastic new Qashqai.”

None of this should come as a surprise given the fact Nissan's Technical Centre puts every new model through a host of challenging tests to ensure vehicles meet strict quality and reliability standards before they go on sale.

Nissan's Technical Centre

These include a Climatic Four-poster Vibration Rig that simulates three years of driving in just five weeks, with engineers even climbing aboard to listen for squeaks and rattles from interior trim. Cars also undergo extreme heat and cold weather testing, while dedicated rigs are set up to repeatedly slam doors shut, simulating a lifetime of use, with testers checking for damage to hinges and door materials. The development team even stores a range of leisure and activity equipment (yes, Nissan does keep a cupboard full of assorted prams, golf clubs, and suitcases) to test durability of boot space liners and trims.

And just in case you were thinking that the new Qashqai is bound to be reliable because it's such a new car – after all, newer models do tend to be more reliable – bear this in mind: of all the similar aged cars included in the survey, not one was reliable enough to score five stars out of five in this category, let alone come anywhere near those at the top.

Nissan is understandably pleased with the results as it maintains their reputation for build quality and reliability. When it comes to choosing a new car, the vast majority of drivers will place reliability at the top of their list of requirements.

So, if you're thinking about leasing your next car – or thinking about your next lease car - the new Nissan Qashqai has already proved itself to be the most popular and the most reliable choice in the UK. Add in the excellent value for money and it's not hard to see why 2023 could easily become the year of the Qashqai.

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