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Porsche Cayenne GTS powers out with V8

 Published 10th June 2020
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A V6 engine is a lovely thing. But add a couple more cylinders and it becomes a thing of grumbling, brutal brilliance. Which is exactly what Porsche has done to its GTS model.

Out goes the previous V6 engine and in comes the fabulous V8 from the Cayenne Turbo but in a less excitable state of tune.

What's more, you can now get a Cayenne GTS in both original SUV form or in swoopy Coupe style.

The GTS V8 is augmented by a pair of turbos that help generate 460 PS and a barrel-load of torque at 620 Nm (that's plus 20PS in power and plus 20Nm of torque on the V6).

All of which means that, when you bury your foot in the carpet (as you undoubtedly will), the V8 will light up and ensure it will take but 4.5 seconds to reach 0-62 mph - that's the same for both models when fitted with the Sport Chrono package.

But more than that, you'll want to hear that V8 doing its thing whatever the angle of your foot on the throttle. Of course you will.

So there is a specially configured sports exhaust system that delivers the right sort of sound track. With tailpipes located at the outer sides of the car's rear, the exhaust system produces that rich sporting sound so characteristic of a V8.

porsche cayenne gts

If you decide that you want the Cayenne GTS Coupé you can opt for a newly developed high frequency-tuned sports exhaust system. This features two centrally-positioned oval tailpipes that feature as part of the optional Lightweight Sports Package.

With all that V8 twin turbo power, you would expect the new Cayenne GTS to sit a bit lower to make the most of its performance potential. It doesn't disappoint. The chassis is lowered by 20 mm and also gets dynamic damper control thanks to the Porsche Active Suspension Management.

Specific GTS styling trademarks include standard satin-gloss black 21-inch RS Spyder Design wheels, LED headlights featuring the Porsche Dynamic Light System (PDLS) and the LED tail light bar is dark-tinted. The front air intakes, side window trims, tailpipes of the sports exhaust system and the model and Porsche logos on the rear are all in black, too.

So if you fancy one of these brilliant new GTS models, check out our Porsche page for the latest Porsche leasing deals.

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