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Preconditioned comfort can be yours

 Published 12th October 2023
Electric Vehicles 

Living in the UK is a bit like living in a fairy tale at the moment.  Just like those first two bowls of porridge Goldilocks helped herself too when she embarked on her crime spree of trespass, theft, and criminal damage, it's either too hot or too cold. Luckily, Renault has a way to help you get your hands on baby bear's porridge so you can ensure the temperature is just right. Renault's entire E-Tech all-electric range now features preconditioning as standard.

To be fair, it's not just Renault that offers this function, but regardless of the brand it's still a useful bit of tech for the days when the weather is being a little uncooperative.

When you've had to contend with a chilly summer followed by 30deg autumn days it can be a bit of a gamble getting in the car. It could be just right for you, but it's more likely to be too hot or too cold. Preconditioning eliminates the problem and makes sure your car is always at exactly the right temperature when you get in.

Preconditioning, which can cool or heat a car before each journey to avoid jumping into a hot or cold car, is standard across many EVs now.

With preconditioning, you can get the conditions of the car just right before you've even opened the door.

Whether in sweltering summer temperatures or sub-zero conditions in winter, preconditioning your car saves you time and ensures a pleasant journey whatever the weather. Preconditioning works most effectively when your EV is switched off, plugged in, and charged to more than 45%. This makes preconditioning ideal for those who charge their cars often, whether parked at home, or at work. That should make some of those early morning starts a little bit more comfortable.

The advantage of preconditioning isn't just getting into a nice warm car on a chilly winter morning though.

The efficiency of the process means it takes just half an hour to allow the temperature in your car to be set exactly how you like it. And because your car is plugged in throughout the process, rather than draining the EV's battery the process draws power directly from the grid, saving vital miles on range and allowing you to travel further in between charges.

Preconditioning can also be beneficial to the battery's overall health and performance.

On really hot or cold days the first thing you probably do when you get in the car is whack the air conditioning or heating right up to make the interior bearable. Preconditioning avoids this, which not only saves you a few miles on your range for the day, it can also extend the overall life of your car's battery.

Due to its chemical makeup, the lithium-ion battery in many EVs becomes less effective in cold weather, meaning it will provide less energy and lose charge quicker. This issue is prevented by warming the battery to its optimum operating temperature, which has a positive long-term effect on the vehicle's battery life and range.

If that sounds like a useful feature maybe you should be thinking about leasing yourself a Renault EV.

Of course, it's not just Renault cars that feature preconditioning. Most new EVs allow you to do it once you have downloaded the car maker's app.

Here's our list of electric cars you can consider - and if you want to know more, why not talk to one of our leasing experts on 01299 407 360 who will be delighted to help you.

Preconditioning - for when you want the temperature just right.

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