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SEAT Tarraco PHEV broadens SUV leasing choices

 Published 9th September 2019
New Launches 

Some bandwagons can generate enough momentum to turn into full-blown juggernauts. That's kind of where we are with electric vehicles at the moment.

Broadly speaking the early wrinkles have been ironed out, the technology has become cheaper and more efficient, and now the big names are rapidly jumping on board before the train picks up too much speed.

Which makes it the perfect time to consider leasing a new electric vehicle.

The latest to join the party is the new SEAT Tarraco PHEV. When this flagship large SUV was introduced we were promised that a plug-in electric hybrid version would follow and SEAT has stuck to its word.

Despite the SEAT badge the Tarraco is actually built in VW's Wolfsburg factory and represents another step in the VW Group's overall electrification strategy. With six electric and plug-in hybrids expected across the SEAT range alone it's clear that VW is taking electricity seriously.

This is a double-edged reveal too. Not content to introduce a PHEV version of the Tarraco, SEAT has also revealed a sporty FR trim to go alongside the new powertrain.

The Tarraco's plug-in hybrid powertrain

The powertrain system in question comprises a 1.4 litre TSI petrol engine, 85 kW electric motor and a 13 kWh lithium-ion battery pack, giving drivers the versatility of multiple driving modes.


The plug-in hybrid Tarraco allows users to drive in pure-electric mode for around 30 miles, reducing tailpipe emissions to zero, or combine the petrol engine and electric motor to increase performance. In real terms that means 240bhp, a respectable zero to 60mph time of 7.4 seconds, and a top speed in excess of 130mph. All perfectly acceptable in a big, comfy SUV.

Sportier Tarraco FR specification

Introducing the FR trim to the Tarraco provides the perfect excuse to enhance the SUV even further.

The exterior design has been beefed up with wider wheel arches, a sporty rear spoiler and FR-specific 19 inch alloy wheels, with an option to upgrade to machined 20 inch wheels. The FR grille and the coast-to-coast rear light highlights the sporty FR look too. New options include trailer assist and a parking heater system that allows you to warm the engine and vehicle faster in extremely cold weather also make the Tarraco an exceedingly practical vehicle. And cosier as we head towards those winter months.

The interior space has also been designed to heighten the impression of comfort. Front electric sports bucket seats with memory function combine a sporty neoprene look material and leather, the driver benefits from aluminium pedals and a new sports steering wheel with FR logo, and the latest generation infotainment system includes a new navigation system with 9.2 inch screen, increasing the SUV's levels of digitalisation and connectivity.

Frankfurt Motor Show debut for new Tarraco


The new SEAT Tarraco PHEV will be introduced to the world at the upcoming Frankfurt Motor Show and will be in full production in 2020. Which means if you're currently wondering about your next SEAT lease , or are considering making the switch to electricity, now might be the opportune moment to get in touch.

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