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New Skoda SUV beats the benefit in kind tax trap

 Published 15th July 2021
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Business users wanting a family-sized SUV that happily handles the kids at the weekend and the business meetings during the week, take a look at the new Skoda SUV.

Called the Enyaq iV, it's a fully electric car capable of up to 333 miles on a single charge but with benefit in kind tax starting from under £6 a month. Companies running the Enyaq iV will also benefit from reduced running costs along with much lower Class 1A National Insurance.

Similar in size to a Volkswagen ID.4 SUV or Audi Q4, Enyaq iV prices start from £31,995 for the Enyaq iV 60 Nav model, which means it qualifies for the government zero-emission grant of £2,500. All Enyaq iV 60 models qualify for the grant which will offer the best leasing rates as a result; Enyaq iV 80 models breach the £35,000 grant price cap introduced in March.

The range offers two battery sizes with different mileage ranges. Businesses wishing to lease the 62kWh Enyaq iV 60 179hp models can expect a 256 mile range; the 82kWh Enyaq iV 80 204hp models extend this to 333 miles, so perhaps better for those company car drivers that regularly cover higher mileages each day.

Enyaq iV will offer three charging methods: 230V domestic socket; 7.2kW wallbox, which would take between nine and 13 hours to recharge, depending on model; or DC rapid charger with capacities up to 125kW. This would permit a rapid charge from 10 to 80 per cent in around 38 minutes for the Enyaq iV 80 or 35 minutes for the Enyaq iV 60.

The under-floor batteries and rear mounted motor helps to provide maximum interior space. The flat floor leaves plenty of space for rear-seat passengers and the boot capacity is 585 litres, extending to 1,710 with the rear seats folded. Connectivity and infotainment information is shown on a 13-inch central display screen and there's an option of a head-up display with augmented reality. A built in SIM card ensures an internet connection most of the time.

Skoda has replaced traditional trim grades with six different interior ‘Design Selections', starting with Loft, and working through Lodge, Lounge, Suite, ecosuite and SportLine (Enyaq iV 80 only). In addition, there are a number of options packs to choose from.

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