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Skoda Enyaq range updated for 2024

 Published 18th January 2024
New Launches 

If you stand still long enough, you’ll get stuck. It’s not very often you get to quote David Hasselhoff, but before you ask…no, we aren’t about to suggest you should be leasing a talking car with a mind of its own. Apparently, “The Hoff” is incredibly popular in Germany though, so there’s a very tenuous link to the actual point we’re making. Never one to stand still for very long, the VW Group is entering 2024 with a host of new updates to the already impressive Skoda Enyaq range.

There are a number of comprehensive technical upgrades being introduced across the Enyaq family, alongside a portfolio extension in the shape of the luxurious new Laurin & Klement trim level.

The popularity of the Skoda Enyaq is growing rapidly and has helped the brand break into the EV market in some style. Now you can look forward to even more if you lease one of the 2024 models. The technical upgrades bring even more powerful drivetrains, shorter charging times and an increased range. In addition, new vehicle software features a more intuitive user interface.

The new drivetrain gives the Enyaq a significant power boost thanks to a more powerful and efficient rear axle motor.

The entry-level Enyaq 60 has remained technically unchanged but the rest of the range gets an extra chunk of power for you to play with. The new Enyaq 85 Edition and 85x SportLine Plus models have been boosted to around 285bhp, up to 80bhp more than the previous versions. vRS models have also been given an extra 40bhp, increasing the total power output to 340bhp.

Overall, the new powertrain delivers significantly improved performance. The new Enyaq 85 Edition accelerates from 0 to 62 mph in 6.7 seconds, making it almost two seconds faster than the previous Enyaq 80. The Enyaq 85x SportLine Plus with all-wheel drive completes the same task in 6.6 seconds. The Enyaq vRS, which also has all-wheel drive, now takes 5.5 seconds, one second less than before.

The upgrades to the motor and battery management has also seen the range increase by up to 15 miles and charging times reduced by up to 22%. The updated Enyaq 85 Edition can cover more than 348 miles on a single charge while the range of the Enyaq Coupé 85 now exceeds 353 miles. That should be more than enough to keep the average driver going for quite a while between charges.

When it is time to charge the battery, all-wheel-drive versions Enyaq 85x SportLine Plus and Enyaq vRS now offer even better performance with an increased charging rate of up to 175 kW for shorter charging stops. The Enyaq 85 Edition variants with rear-wheel drive will continue to charge at a maximum rate of 135 kW.

Charging the 82kWh battery from 10% to 80% now takes just 28 minutes – eight minutes less than before. A new battery preconditioning feature can also preheat the battery to optimise charging speed, a process you can either start yourself with a simple button press on the infotainment system, or if you’re on the way to a charging station, automatically based on navigation data and battery temperature.

As well as controlling the battery preconditioning, the new vehicle software also adds a few extra features.

The new interface has a more intuitive menu structure making it much simpler to navigate the car’s infotainment system. You’ll be able to define shortcuts to make it easier to access your most frequently used vehicle settings and apps, and the updated navigation system now features new map graphics and a larger map area. Skoda has also added a new function to the keyless entry system which will automatically lock the vehicle when the driver walks away with the key.

new Skoda Enyaq interior

Upmarket new trim introduced

The Skoda Enyaq and Enyaq Coupé can also be ordered with the elegant new L&K trim line, available with rear-wheel drive delivering an output of 286bhp.

The new Laurin & Klement trim level completes the updates to the Enyaq range and comes with an extensive list of standard equipment as well some exclusive design touches.

It includes LED Matrix beam headlights and LED rear lights with animated indicators as well as a chrome grille featuring a Crystal Face illuminated by 131 LEDs. The bumpers, diffuser and exterior mirrors feature detailing finished in sophisticated Platinum Grey, while the side skirts are body-coloured. The Enyaq L&K also comes with exclusive 20-inch or 21-inch alloy wheels.

The interior of the new Enyaq L&K boasts electrically controlled, heated, and ventilated front seats finished in beige or black leather upholstery. The seats also feature memory and massage functions accessed via the touchscreen.

As well as the front seats, the outer rear seats are also heated, as is the multifunction steering wheel. Other features include pedals with a stainless-steel finish, a head-up display with Augmented Reality, electric tailgate operation, and an upgraded sound system with twelve speakers.

If you’re thinking of leasing an EV in the near future it may be worth your while to have a proper look at the updated Skoda Enyaq range. With a great choice of efficient powertrains and well-equipped trim levels, it’s highly likely your ideal new car could be hiding in there somewhere.

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