The affordable Volkswagen electric car

 Published 27th March 2023
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What's put you off leasing an electric car? Cost is probably one of the factors. Then there's always that thorny equation of range + anxiety = raised blood pressure - so that's likely another factor.

And, thirdly, you've become tired of all those SUVs knocking about and what you really want is a stylish family hatchback.

Step forward the Volkswagen ID.2all.

This is the car that knocks down all those arguments. Or, to be more accurate, this concept presentation - which looks suspiciously like the real thing to us - is the car that will answer all your doubts and concerns.

VW ID.2all concept rear view

Volkswagen high-ups recently revealed their new version of the ‘people's car' with a promise to make it affordable. At a starting point of £22,000 it certainly does that.

Then there's the range on a single charge. No mention of what the size of the battery will be yet, but Volkswagen says this affordable electric hatchback will take you 280 miles on a charge. And with the ability to replenish the battery to 80% full in just 20 minutes you'll be ready to go before you've even finished your coffee.

VW ID.2all concept interior view

Will the ID.2 be called a Golf? Hmm, we're not so sure, but it does look very Golf-like with that rear C-pillar kink and strong stance. It's dimensions are just over 4m long, which is Polo sized, but the interior is Golf sized thanks to the space liberated by its electric drivetrain. It also has a great sized boot for all your family stuff. And more. The current Golf has a boot with 380 lirtres capacity; the ID.2 has a boot that's 490 litres. That's a lot of clobber and then some.

So if you're after a smart, family hatchback rather than a gargantuan SUV, then the new ID.2 is the car you want to be leasing. We don't know what the Volkswagen leasing price will be yet, but as soon as the car is with us - just two years from now - we'll be ready to tee off with the best lease prices for you.

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